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The Money Jar
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I said no! And while I'm out shopping, don't get any funny ideas about filching cash from the money jar in the kitchen.
Marge Simpson

The Money Jar is the twenty-seventh Simpsons short and was originally aired on The Tracey Ullman Show March 20, 1988.


When Marge goes out, she tells Bart, Lisa, and Maggie not to steal cash from the money jar in the kitchen. They promise they won't do it, but when she's gone, their eyes ring up dollar signs. Lisa then goes to the kitchen. A Devil-Lisa then appears who tells her to get the money, but then appears Angel-Lisa and tells her to remember her promise. Then Maggie appears, catching Lisa in the act, and forcing her to leave. Maggie then tries to steal the money. Angel-Maggie then appears and shake her head, but then appears Devil-Maggie and nod her head. Eventually, Bart catches Maggie in the act and scolds her, forcing her to leave. Taking the opportunity, Bart decides to steal the money, with some encouragement from both Devil-Bart and (unexpectedly) Angel-Bart, who tells Bart that it's right if he steals the money. Bart then opens the jar, but only finds just a dollar bill inside. Annoyed that there's not enough money in the jar, Bart decides not to steal the buck at all, and instead closes the jar, saying: "Can't even trust your own mother."

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