Homer at the second last peak

The Murderhorn is the highest mountain in Springfield that Homer climbed to promote the Powersauce bar.

Geographical formation

According to Bart, the Murderhorn is over 20,000 feet (6144m) high. There are two smaller Mountains next to it meaning that there is (or was) possibly underground volcanic activity pushing the mountains up. Both smaller mountains, which remain unnamed, look minuscule compared to the mountain that is larger than it. If the Murderhorn is 20,000 feet high, then the mountain that precedes it would be around 11,000 feet.



  • Grampa - Fell off a plateau half way to the top.
  • C. W. McAllister - Weakened from Grampa biting his arm when they ran out of food. Froze to death..
  • Two Sherpas - They were guiding Homer to the top but he fired them.

    The two sherpas that initially helped Homer climb the mountain, before he fired them.


  • Homer Simpson - Destroyed the last peak, making the second to last peak the top.

Behind the Laughter

The Murderhorn is a parody of the Matterhorn, which is a mountain on the Pennine Alps between Switzerland and Italy. The "murder" portion may arise from the many climbers who failed to climb the mountain, because they could not survive the conditions.

Murderhorn tapped out

Tapped Out


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