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Mom and Pop Art
The Old Man and the "C" Student
Monty Can't Buy Me Love

"They cut out the best word!"
Bart Simpson, watching the censored version of Gone with the Wind
"Didn't that movie used to have a war in it?"
Hans Moleman, also watching the film

"The Old Man and the "C" Student" is the twentieth episode of Season 10.


Bart's offensive stand-up act for the International Olympic Committee costs Springfield the Games, and he is forced to work at the Springfield Retirement Home as punishment. Meanwhile, Homer tries to make use of the box of spring mascots he ordered that are now useless.

Full Story[]

Lisa writes a letter to the International Olympic Committee for a school project. The Olympic committee then decides to hold the next Olympics in Springfield. There is a mascot competition and Homer makes a mascot called Springy, which wins the competition. Everyone prepares for the IOC arrival at Springfield Elementary.


Bart at the old age home

The arrival goes well until Bart goes on stage with his xenophobic comedy routine which greatly insults the members of the IOC, which only Skinner, Homer and the kids find hilarious. In response, Springfield loses the chance to host the Olympics. Superintendent Chalmers blames Skinner for letting Bart on stage and doing the routine in the first place. Skinner is then ordered to make every last kid in the school do twenty hours of community service and Bart has to work at Springfield Retirement Castle (even though it was entirely Bart's fault for making Springfield lose their chance to host the Olympics).


Homer with his springs

Meanwhile, Homer gathers up the a thousand springs he had intended to sell as mascots. He then tries to sell them to Principal Skinner's home, where he is punched by Skinner and his mother, due to Bart's comedy routine. He also tries to sell them at Moe's Tavern, injuring Lenny and Moe in the process. Meanwhile at Springfield Retirement Castle, Lisa, who has been volunteering there for a year, is leading "Imagination time" with the elders. Bart believes that the seniors are being mistreated, as they have to do what they are told, and they have no free will. Bart comes in and tells them leave the Retirement Home and the Seniors start having fun. At the Simpson's house, Marge tells Homer to get rid of the springs, after seeing Homer's ideas of what to use them for (self flipping burgers, and turning Maggie into a basketball). Homer flushes the springs down the toilet (although Marge would rather he dispose of them properly).

Bart takes all the seniors on a cruise but soon the boat crashes into Mr. Burns' yacht. Moments later, the boat starts rapidly sinking into the water. The boat hits the springs, thanks to Homer flushing them, and bounces back up and thus saving everyone.

Bart's Insults[]


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