Mom and Pop Art
The Old Man and the "C" Student
Monty Can't Buy Me Love

Cultural references


  • French representative of the International Olympic Committee says "Ah, but Paris would make a tres bon site for the next Olympic Games" before the 131st IOC Session in Lima, Paris winning the 2024 Summer Olympics, predicted by this episode.


  • Principal Skinner punished all the students, when Bart was the only one who did anything wrong. Therefore, he should have punished Bart and the other student should have been free from all punishment. As questionable as it may be though, many American schools tend to punish large groups of kids for the actions of a few (or even just one)
  • When Bart and the elderly board the boat, the Sea Captain says "Not a looker in the bunch." Later on when Mr. Burns' yacht crashes into the boat, Lisa asks how could the Sea Captain not see the yacht to which he proclaims "Two Glass eyes", this being the case, he wouldn't be able to of seen the elderly to begin with. Also, he can see in later episodes.
  • After the Indian man breaks the window, the Old Jewish Man comes to yell at him. Just a second later, he is back at his chair.
  • The Springfield Tire Fire has a sign saying "Est. 1989", yet in Flaming Moe's it is shown that the Tire Fire started in 1966. The 1989 part could just be a reference to the year of the show's premier. Also, it's possible that it was put out at some point prior to 1989 and started again in 1989.

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