The Canine Mutiny
The Old Man and the Lisa
In Marge We Trust


Cultural references

  • The title is a reference to The Old Man and The Sea.
  • Mr. Burns tells a hippie to "shine on you crazy diamond", referring to the song by Pink Floyd of the same name.
  • One of the books Homer tries to throw out is titled 'Dickens'.
  • The montage in the middle with Burns begging Lisa to help him is a reference to the opening sequence of the TV show, "That Girl".
  • The wrestler who buys Mr. Burns’ house is Bret "Hit Man" Hart.
  • The song that plays while Mr. Burns is asked to join the other old men dancing but refused to do so is named Achy Breaky Heart.


  • Blackshirt

    Mr. Burns with a black suit

    In the faraway shot at Mr. Burns' office, Burns' suit is black instead of its usual blue.
  • Nomuscle

    Muscle definition missing

    The pro wrestler who considers buying Mr. Burns' mansion loses the muscle definition on his upper chest while he talks.
  • Lisa, Homer, and the rest of the family could clearly see Mr. Burns's check has “TWELVE MILLION” written on the bank order, as well as $12,000,000.00 written in the box. Homer obviously knew the check was worth twelve million dollars instead of twelve thousand.
  • In episodes taking place earlier than this episode, it is stated that Burns is a billionaire. However, he is worth approximately $100 million at the beginning of the episode. If he had lost at least nine hundred million by the time this episode takes place, he must have known he was losing money. Burns may have been senile, and thus ignorant of the amount of money he was losing.
  • At the end of this episode when "Code Blue" is said in Spanish dub it is said as "clave roja" which means "red key" or rather "code red". The "Red Code" is said when the building is on fire but since Homer's heart had stopped they should've said "Código Azul".

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