Black Widower
The Otto Show
Bart's Friend Falls in Love


  • In this episode we learn Otto's last name is 'Mann' as you see it on his new bus-driver licence at the end.
    • Additionally at the end, Principal Skinner echoes the song previously used to annoy him, "Hail to the bus driver, bus driver Mann".
  • Milhouse says he bought his jacket with 50,000 Bazooka Joe Comics, a cartoon strips that was originally found in Bazooka chewing gum wrappers.
  • Michael McKean would later guest star in the episode "Monty Can't Buy Me Love" as Jerry Rude.
  • Harry Shearer, a regular Simpsons voice actor, is also a member of Spinal Tap. He plays himself in this episode along with the rest of the band.
  • The scary story Otto told Lisa is similar to High Beams from Scary Stories to Tell In The Dark.
  • There appears to be gold bars, coins, necklaces, a crown, and a trident under Lisa's bedroom floorboards.
  • When Bart gives up the guitar due to its difficulty, Homer suggests he put it in his closet next to his short wave radio (a reference to "Radio Bart"), his karate outfit (a reference to "When Flanders Failed"), and his unicycle (not a reference to any previous episode, though Bart would later ride a unicycle in I, (Annoyed Grunt)-Bot).


  • Comicbeard

    Comic Book Guy's beard


    Nelson with his shirt and jacket colors reversed

    In this episode, Comic Book Guy has a full beard instead of his usual stubble.
  • Bart's guitar is left-handed when he is learning how to play it, yet Otto plays it perfectly on the bus despite being right-handed. Later, when Otto is playing guitar with Bart in the garage, the guitar switches to a right-handed model, all in the same scene. We can only assume that Otto is good enough to play both left-handed and right-handed, and does so to stay in practice. Also there have been real-life left-handed guitarists, most notably Jimi Hendrix, whom Otto is partially based on, who simply played right-handed guitars upside down.
  • Crazysherorter

    Sherri and Terri's alternated dress and hair colors

    Otto later gets suspended from driving the school bus in the episode "The Mook, the Chef, the Wife and Her Homer".
  • During the scene where Nelson is mocking Bart while waiting for the bus his vest and shirt switch colors when he says "Polly wally crappy".
  • When Otto crashes into the street sign at the end and bends it, it is seen unbent in the next shot.
  • Ralph's shirt is orange in this episode.
  • During the bus scene Sherri and Terri's hair and dress colors are switched.
  • Homer tells Bart and Milhouse he’ll wait in the backseat of his car while they’re at the concert, but he’s sitting in the front seat.

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