The Pagans
The Closet
We pagans would like to help you Homer, but it's against out beliefs to soil our hands with the greasy tools of sin.
Bart Simpson

The Pagans is the twenty-second Simpsons short and originally aired on The Tracey Ullman Show February 14, 1988.


While the Simpsons are driving to church, Bart, Lisa, and Maggie say they do not want to go to church, saying that they are Pagans. However, Homer doesn't really care, saying that they will attend church, whether they like it or not. Suddenly, the car gets a flat tire, and the kids thank the nature for it. And As Homer is fixing the tire, Lisa and Maggie are doing a strange dance. Homer angrily tells both girls to knock that nonsense off and for Bart to grab the tire iron for him, but it then starts to rain, with Bart saying, "Pagan rain dance works every time." This leaves Homer out in the rain to work on the car, much to his anger. But As Homer is still struggling with the front tire, the kids get dressed in leaves and all say "Mom, Dad, Look! We're Pagans!" Now infuriated by their behavior, Homer then chases the kids, leaving Marge in the car. Eventually, the kids took refuge in the church, which happens to be a good place of sanctuary for them (despite their pagan beliefs). However the kids plan to make a run for it to continue their pagan beliefs after the sermon is over.

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