Treehouse of Horror XII
The Parent Rap
Homer the Moe

Cultural references


  • Judge Constance Harm indicates she was born male when she tells Bart he reminds her of herself when she was a little boy. Snake is shocked by this, and says, "Did she say she used to be a dude?!"
  • In this episode, Judge Snyder's first name is revealed to be Roy.
  • As an inside joke, Snake was seen in the Juvenile Courthouse. The writers put him in because the crime he committed was against a child.
  • Had Snyder not taken his vacation in the middle of the case, the events of this episode would not have happened.
  • Judge Harm is fond of cruel and unusual punishment.



Homer with a white tongue

  • Bart and Homer are able to change their clothes despite them being tethered together.
  • It appears that most of Springfield forgot about Homer and Marge being viewed as bad parents before. Then again, Springfieldians are not that smart.
  • When Homer goes to sleep in Mrs. Krabappel's class, his tongue's palette color changes from pink to white.
  • The constitution forbids cruel or unusual punishment, both tethering Bart and Homer together and putting Marge and Homer in stocks would classed as this.

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