The Pin Pals are a bowling team of Homer and his pals. The team started when Moe and Homer went into the Bowl-a-Rama to bowl, only to find out that it was league night. So they could bowl, Homer, Moe, Apu, and Otto created a team.


Homer was at Moe's and hardly anyone was there, so he and Moe Szyslak went to the bowling alley and got Moe, Apu and Otto to form a bowling team for the league. They needed money, so Homer went into Mr. Burns' office just when he got an overdose of ether; and Burns hallucinated Homer as Pop N' Fresh and gave him all the money he needed. When Mr. Burns realized he'd given money away, he took his anger out on the team by joining it.


The Pin Pals chanted for their teammates, causing the team to do well. They moved up in the team standings to a point where they played the Holy Rollers in the championship game. In a bizarre turn of events, Mr. Burns won the championship for the team, and took the trophy for himself. The team tried getting the trophy back for themselves, but Mr. Burn's guard dogs attacked Homer, preventing him from getting the trophy.

Team Members


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