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"The Princess Guide" is the fifteenth episode of Season 26. The episode is dedicated to Leonard Nimoy.


A Nigerian princess named Kemi comes to Springfield, as her father intends to work a uranium deal with Mr. Burns, and Homer is chosen to protect her. Moe, having recently lost his money to a Nigerian prince, believes Kemi must be related to the scammer, but soon starts falling for her.

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Homer takes Lisa to a Take your daughter to work day, but Lisa's milk leaked all over her lunch. Homer then finds a way to trade a corn chip with a full salad for her, and they hug each other. Meanwhile, Mr. Burns is visited by the Nigerian King to negotiate a uranium deal, and he says his daughter, the Princess Kemi is staying in the country and they need an employee to babysit her. That's when Burns look to the surveillance monitors and see Lisa and Homer hugging, and see that Homer might be the perfect man for the job.

While Homer is babysitting the princess, Marge gets offended because he refuses to babysit their own child. But he isn't doing a great job with the princess, leaving her bored in the apartment. He then chooses to take her to Moe's, but Moe is not so happy to see her because he suspects her brother stole money for him, making Homer outraged, but when he plans to take her back to the apartment, she disappears. Homer tries to explain the situation to Chief Wiggum, but he gets arrested moments before she gets back to the bar.

Later, Lenny and Carl bail Homer out of jail, but he was responsible for the princess. They think of a cover up the situation dressing Carl like the princess. Meanwhile at the bar, Kemi is getting hungry, and Moe tells her there is food in the back, but when Moe gets in there, he finds out she is sleeping on his cot leaving him to snooze on the balcony. The next day, the princess wants to spend some more time with Moe to see the town. They take a scooter and have fun in the city, but Homer gets irritated at Moe because it was his job to take care of the princess. They escape Homer, but Kemi wants to go back with him, not to make her father sad and she kisses Moe. A paparazzi photographs the kiss, the image quickly spreads on the internet and her father sees it, refusing to sign the contract. The princess explains to her father that the kiss was a friendly kiss. Moe gets rattled about it, but she explains he is a great friend. The king wants to punish her, but Homer explains to him that he should let his daughter live her life as she wants.

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