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Moe: Goodnight moon.
Goodnight broom.
Goodnight jukebox that won’t play a tune.
Goodnight eggs.
Goodnight dregs.
Goodnight bugs crawling up my legs.
Goodnight beer.
Goodnight mice.
Goodnight princess who treats me nice.

(Richard Branson comes to Mr. Burns' door)
Richard Branson: Well neighbor, now that your streak of rum luck is at its end I have a favor to ask. This involves charity. I've set up the Virgin Earth challenge, the $25,000,000 prize to eliminate greenhouse gasses that I was hoping you would add to.
Mr. Burns: Where are the hounds when I need them?
Richard Branson: They're on a free Virgin Galactic flight around the world.
Mr. Burns: Can you go five blasted minutes without saying the word "virgin"?
Richard Branson: That's another Virgin Challenge, that I will not be --Virgin-- taking -- Virgin.

Smithers: (to Lisa) Little girl, let me give you some advice: Never dream big, because it will blow up in your face
Lisa: You're talking to the girl who wants a career in jazz.
Smithers: Oh, poor thing.

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