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  • Mr. Burns is seen charging his Tesla Model S he got from Elon Musk.
  • The title is a parody of the 1987 romantic comedy fantasy adventure film, The Princess Bride.
  • When Lenny tries to convince Carl to dress up as the princess, it is a reference to the episode "Gilligan the Goddess" from Gilligan's Island.
  • Moe's "goodnights" to the things in his bar is a reference to the children's book Goodnight Moon.


  • A tribute to the late Leonard Nimoy was shown during the ending credits.
  • Mr. Burns electric car is similar to a Tesla Model S, which is also an electric car.


  • In real life, Nigeria has not had a monarchy since 1963; however there are a number of self-governing tribal rulers.
  • The goats would have died, because the terrorists Boko Haram are in Nigerian territory in real life.
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