The Raccoon Family is a family of four raccoons that live in the Simpson's garden.


The two raccoons, a father and a son, broke into Homer's secret room in the basement and ate all beef jerkies that were there. Homer and Bart prepared a trap to capture the raccoons: a tray loaded with sleeping pills-laced beef jerky. However, Homer ate the jerky with the sleeping pills and his plan failed. Homer got into the family's home under a tree stump, but couldn't bring himself to attack the family because he saw they were a loving family and even looked similar to the Simpsons. He and Bart soon befriended the family.

When Homer later wanted to make Lisa and other ballerinas stop smoking, he created a plan involving the raccoon father. On the night of the big ballet recital, the raccoon broke into the changing room and stole all the cigarettes. Homer then got rid of them.

Comparison to the Simpson family

The raccoon family looks similar to the Simpsons. The look of the raccoons' fur is the same as the Simpson family members hairstyles. The raccoon father strangles a raccoon son, just like Homer strangles Bart. The daughter raccoon was seen eating an acorn instead of beef jerky, so it's possible that she's a vegetarian like Lisa is, or she just simply didn't like the beef jerky (raccoons are omnivores, so they eat both plants and meat). However, there is no raccoon baby as Maggie.


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