The Ralph Wiggum Book was released in hardback, as part of the ongoing series: The Simpsons Library of Wisdom. There's more to Ralph Wiggum than meets the eye. See the world through Ralph-colored glasses as he muses on paste, poetry, homemade gifts, history, arts and crafts, astronomy, summer vacation, science, right and wrong, crime and punishment, love, leprechauns, Wookiees and wiggle puppies.


  • Ralph's Top 40
  • A typical day in the life of Ralph Wiggum
  • The Many emotions of Ralph Wiggum
  • Ralph's Poetry Corner
  • What's on Ralph's mind?
  • The Wisdom of Ralph
  • Lunch Box Restipees (Recipes)
  • Sniffing Up Some Safety (a wiggle puppy adventure)
  • Ask Ralph
  • Ralph vs. Science
  • Backyard Buddies
  • Anatomy of Ralph
  • Sport's Time with Ralph
  • Ralph's Guide to Constellations
  • Ralph's Dream House
  • What if Ralph Wiggum was elected President?
  • Ralphie Wiggum Living: Homemade Holiday Crafts
  • Ralph identifies the Twenty Types of Grown-Ups
  • Ralph's Summer Vacation
  • Ralph's Bedroom
  • Ralph Wiggum's Greatest Hits
  • Art D'Ralph
  • Ralph's Pledge of Allegiance
  • When it's Halloween I get candy and dress up as things for Halloween by Ralph Wiggum
  • What my daddy does: A project for Ms. Hoover
  • Ralph says the darndest things
  • Dear Santa Claus,....
  • I, Ralph Wiggum, do solemnly swear
  • 25 Cool Things to be When you Grow up
  • Ralphie's Scrapbook
  • Ralph's 2nd Grade Progress Report
  • Me, Ralph: A theater review by Lisa Simpson
  • Ralph's Top 10 Music Downloads
  • Ralph's Gotta-See TV Line-Up
  • Great Moments in History According to Ralph
  • Ralph's Bottom 40
The Simpsons Library of Wisdom
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