This article is about the Ramones characters. For the real-life band and guest voice actors, please see The Ramones.

The Ramones are an American punk-rock band comprising Johnny (guitar), Joey (lead vocals), Marky (drums) and C. J. Ramone (bass guitar and vocals).


They are hired to play at Mr. Burns’ birthday party and sing a punk-rock version of "Happy Birthday" for him. Although Smithers introduces them as "some fine young men who I'm sure are gonna go far" and Burns believes they will "sooth [his] jangled nerves", their performance does just the opposite. On top of the musical style, the band seem opposed to performing, stating that the gig "sucks" and exclaiming "up yours Springfield" before telling Burns to "go to Hell you old bastard!" However this all seems to have been an act as when the curtain closes and Marky proclaims "Hey, I think they liked us!" While the audience applauded, Burns did not approve and ordered Smithers to kill the Rolling Stones in response, despite Smithers insistence that that was not the band he had just seen.


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