The Great Simpsina
The Real Housewives of Fat Tony
Homer Scissorhands
Marge: In a good marriage you never say, "I told you so."
Homer: Which is good for me because you're always right.

Homer: He's cheating on Selma? Why go out for hamburger when you have rancid steak at home?

Tushy: Every light in the house is a tanning light.
Marge: Can you read by it?
Tushy: You know, no one's ever tried.

Marge: The only husband of Selma's I ever liked was Disco Stu. He was so upbeat until he found out she didn't like disco music.

Marge: He's mad about a sport result.
Homer: Lousy St. Louis Cardinals can't win the 1985 World Series on classic sports.

Comic Book Guy: How do you know the bride?
Marge: I'm her sister, you?
Comic Book Guy: I bought her ping pong table off cragislist. Color yourself slighted.

Fat Tony: Call that doctor that owes us a favor.
Louie: Actually we owe him a favor.
Fat Tony: Do him two favors and then remind him that he owes us a favor.

Louie: We had a safe full of gold and it didn't ride that low.

(Fit) Fat Tony: I'd like to submit a change of address.
Selma: Leaving Mockingbird Lane, Mr. Munster?
(Fit) Fat Tony: Excuse me?
Lisa: (worried) Dad! Aunt Selma is treating a mob boss like an ordinary taxpayer!
Homer: (excited) And we've got front row seats!

Homer: Aww, I was standing in this line to use the bathroom, but now my license is expired.

(at Selma and Tony's wedding)
Homer: Yes! I am so happy I lived to see this day. He did give her the kiss of death, right?
Marge: No!
Homer: (disappointed groans) Aww! I decorated her car for nothing.
(cut to a car outside with banners reading "JUST MURDERED")

Fat Tony: Selma, would you do me the honor of spending the rest of my life with me?
Selma: Oh, Fat Tony. If there was an Italian word for yes, I would be saying it right now.

Homer: Well, if it isn't Before and After. Blob and blob lite. Tweedle-yuck and Tweedle-yech.
Fat Tony: Ahem! Am I interrupting anything?
Homer: Fat Tony! I was just complimenting your beautiful wife while insulting her identical twin.
Marge: You'll have to excuse my husband. He says things without thinking first. And ten seconds later...
Homer: (scared) Oooh! My god!

Lisa: This is our home. There's nothing buried here except hopes and dreams.

Lisa: That's a truffle.
Bart: You're a truffle!
Lisa: A truffle is a rare underground fungus that grows on the roots of trees.
Bart: Leave it to you to make tree poop boring.

Homer: Can we bring towels?
Fat Tony: We have towels.
Homer: (whispers) I take a special size.

Fat Tony: I like you. I don't know whether to smack you on your kisser or kiss you on your smacker.
Selma: And I don't know whether to peck you on your kicker or kick you on your...

Homer: Cant we stay a little longer? The Occurrence and I were going to go get broiled.
Marge: Sorry, The Occurrence, but to use your lingo, I have to be "that guy".
The Occurrence: Whoa, whoa! You don't want to be that guy?
Homer: I don't want to be that guy, but she's making me be that guy.
Marge: Enough!

Selma: Marge, if I ever get proposed again, please gouge my eyes out.
Louie: We can teach you how to do it too. The secret is not to stop until you hear a pop.

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