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The Red Dress Press was a newspaper created on 19th May 2004 by Lisa.


The newspaper was originally published as a place to publish Lisa's poem dedicated to Geezer Rock. After Bart had started selling subscriptions and many readers had wanted more issues, Lisa started the newspaper seriously and hired other children to join.

Meanwhile, Mr. Burns acquired all media outlets in Springfield, except Lisa's newspaper. Lisa then published an adverse article about him. Mr. Burns tried to buy her, but she refused. After his henchmen almost killed some members of the staff, they all left the paper and Ralph began working for the Chicago Tribune, leaving only Lisa and Bart.

After that Mr. Burns cut off their electricity so that they could not produce the paper, but Principal Skinner allowed Lisa to use a Mimeograph at Springfield Elementary instead. However, Mr. Burns drugged Homer and had a talk with him so he could dish some dirt on Lisa. Mr. Burns then got The Springfield Shopper to write an article claiming that Lisa is a "wacko" and that she loved Milhouse. This made Lisa shut down her newspaper.

Members of redaction


Image Headline
The Red Dress Press.jpg Elegy for Geezer Rock
Red Dress Press.jpg None
Lisa to Burns.jpg Lisa to Burns: 'Drop Dead'
Ralph Wiggum's Oscar Picks
Nyah.jpg Nyah, Nyah We're Back
Lisa Rules, Burns Drools
Final Edition.jpg Final 'I Give Up' Edition


Actual Text

Elegy for Geezer Rock

Postcard image, thing to see.
To think of Springfield is to think of thee.
What thoughts be-pass a'hind thy mean?
Why sky art blue? Why trees art green?
And what, pray tell, did thine eyes see?
Perchance, old friend, they gazed at me.
Brought low by nature's oafish hand,
thy crush-ed our reviewing stand.
And twixt thy stones glimpsed I the truth.
All things must pass. Thy face, my youth.