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Don't be afraid to use your nails, boys!
―The Scoutmaster[src]

The Scoutmaster was a character in the Radioactive Man television series. He is described by Fallout Boy as being "the worst villain of them all." He has a number of boy scout henchmen at his command, and tended to have fairly effeminate mannerisms.

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  • The Scoutmaster is an obvious parody of several villains featured in the campy 60's Batman series.
  • The Scoutmaster was modeled after Paul Lynde, a comedian known for his appearances in Bewitched, Bye Bye Birdie and Hollywood Squares.
    • Ironically, given the Radioactive Man series' being derived from Batman, Lynde would act as the basis for a Batman villain, The Joker, in the animated film adaptation The Dark Knight Returns.
    • The character may have been based on Sweet Tooth from The New Adventures of Batman, an animated sequel to the 1960s TV series, as both characters had mannerisms derived from that of Paul Lynde.