My Fair Laddy
The Seemingly Never-Ending Story
Bart Has Two Mommies


  • There were the following things on the list:
    • Blue Rose
    • Suspender
    • Colander
    • The Letter "I"
    • Peruvian Cockroach
    • Lard Lad
    • Tombstone
    • Homer Hair
    • Picture of Yourself with Smiling Child
  • When Mr. Burns enters password for entering panic room, the password is "Pangaea", name of a giant continent in the Earth 300 to 200 million years ago.
  • Mr. Monopoly appears when meeting in Mr. Burns' story.
  • When Mr. Burns sleeps in the Cemetery, all the headstones in the cemetery had a "Burns" name after their first name. There are five headstones with "Burns" in last name, Mildred Burns, Cotton Burns, Agatha Burns, Stewart Burns, and Rutherford Burns.
  • Every episode, Moe has his own shotgun. This time he uses a baseball bat; he could have lost his shotgun.
  • When Moe approaches, Texan and Burns hand their pistol to Moe, and he said, "You Guys have guns! Well, so do I." He retreats back to the dark side of the cave and makes a sound like guns ("ckk ckk!!").
  • This episode's multiple stories with little connection format is similar to the classic episode "22 Short Films About Springfield".
  • It is revealed that Snake's last name is Jailbird, he was once a fair-minded archaeologist (à la Indiana Jones), his son's name is Jeremy (who was shown in a previous episode helping Snake steal a bike), this is a recon of the fact that, in Snake's first appearances, he was credited as "jailbird."
  • Also, the Rich Texan is obsessive-compulsive, Moe dated Edna (and resumes at the end), and the power plant's address is 100 Industrial Ave.
  • Jimbo Jones being the child in the Rich Texan's photo fits with his backstory, as he comes from a very well off background.
  • This episode was rated TV-14 for suggestive dialogue (D) and offensive language (L), the ninth time for The Simpsons, while it was TV-PG on Disney+.
  • This episode has been voted the best of the 17th season (and the best that the show has put out in its later years, which are often seen as highly lackluster).
  • It is revealed that Moe is the true reason for Snake's criminal reputation.
  • Edna was in love with another regular Simpsons character, Moe, before she even met Seymour Skinner or became a teacher. They also resume as a couple in the present time, much to Skinner's jealousy.
  • The vehicle in the scavenger hunt during Bart's account of Lisa's account of Mr. Burns' flashback is none other than his Mobilomobile, first introduced a few episodes earlier when it broke down outside Springfield Elementary.
  • Seven stories were told in this episode: Bart's story, Lisa's story, Mr. Burns' story, Moe's story, Edna's story, the goat's story, and Homer's story.
  • Apparently, either Homer, Carl, Lenny or Barney is gay. Only one of them, though: Moe only threatens to out the one of them that is gay. Of course, given the situation and their reactions, it is possible that all, none, or some of them are homosexual.
  • Note that when Lenny mentions "other vices" he has except for his drinking habits, and says "I dress up like a baby", it is Carl who nods with approval.
  • Frank Grimes' tomb is one of the items to be scavenged.
  • In a reference to the second part of Who Shot Mr Burns, during the gun pointing scene Maggie points a gun.
  • One of Mr. Burns's dead relatives is "Stewart Burns", a reference to Simpsons writer J. Stewart Burns.
  • In Burns's Heir Mr. Burns says that children see him has a booger(boogey) man. In this episode children refer to him as the Boogey Man's grandpa.
  • When the Rich Texan comes to claim the gold, Mr. Burns says "Not so fast Shady Bird Johnson", a reference to Lady Bird Johnson, a famous Former First Lady from Texas.
  • The tea cup ride Homer got stuck in is likely The Mad Tea Party at Walt Disney World, due to Snow White being mentioned as one of the people that had to get him out.


  • Nelson was shown to be helping Bart (in Moe's flashback) in the background, but he hated Bart until the end of Bart the General. Nelson regularly alternates between liking/hating Bart, depending on what an episode/plot requires.
  • Throughout Lisa's account, Lisa is seen wearing a pink coat, however a short time after the goat's account the pink coat disappears and she is seen wearing her regular red dress, she then appears to be wearing the pink coat again in the next scene.
  • Mr. Burn's 1936 Stutz Bearcat is gray instead of burgundy.

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