Mobile Homer
The Seven-Beer Snitch
Homer: I only did what I had to do to survive . . . in a style befitting a French monarch.

Marge: Think, Marge think. Culture, vulture, birds of prey, pray in a church, The Father, Son, and Holy Ghost, ghosts are scary, scary rhymes with Gehry... That's it, Architect Frank Gehry!

Mayor Quimby: All in favor of building a thirty-million-dollar-screw-you to Shelbyville?
Springfieldians: Aye!

Quimby: We're broke. But I have a plan... We change the name of the town to escape our creditors. I need names people!
Lenny Leonard: Lima, Peru!
Carl Carlson: Gotham City!
Chief Wiggum: Wiggumville!
Barney Gumble: Burger King!

Mr. Burns: Simpson! I haven't seen so many drugs in a wang, since I ran a Chinese opium den! Crack, smack, uppers, downers, outers, inners, horse tranquilizers, cow paralyzers, blue bombers, green goofers, yellow submarines, LSD, Mach-3, and trace amounts of... dewewehhhh, human urine?

Snake: No Frank Gehry designed prison can hold me! Ha ha!

Frank Gehry: And none of this would happen if it weren't for a letter written by a little girl.
Marge: I wrote that letter.
Frank Gehry: You wrote, "You are the bestest architect in the world"?
Marge: Well, aren't you?

Burns: Well, I'll make these rioters regret their folly. This prison will make Abu Ghraib look like the Four Seasons. Smithers, we'll need electrical wire, a hood, and someone who can really point at genitalia.
Smithers: Done and done, sir.

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