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"Mom, Dad, Bart's eating cookies!" - Lisa
"why won't they let me eat cookies?" -Bart, in a deleted scene                                                                                                                     

The Shell Game is the thirty-first Simpsons short and originally aired on The Tracey Ullman Show November 13, 1988.


Bart tries to reach for a cookie in the cookie jar, however, Marge tells Bart to keep his hands out of the cookie jar, and Bart simply doesn't care. Homer comes in and tries to give Bart a point by telling Bart to "lay off those cookies" and Bart gets scared of Homer's warning. Then Homer and Marge leave so Bart tries to eat a cookie, but Lisa pops up and tries to tattle on Bart. That makes Homer and Marge come in to check on Bart but when Bart is putting away the cookies, he misses one and their simple check-in turns out to be a game where Bart gets three bowls and covers the cookie in one of them and Homer and Marge have to guess which bowl the cookie is under. Homer and Marge lose (because Bart tricked them) and declare Bart innocent. Then Maggie winds up playing the game with Bart and when Bart finds out that the cookie isn't under any of the bowls, it turns out Maggie has it and she eats it.


The Shell Game

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