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The Simpsons' Treehouse of Horror 14 is the fourteenth issue of the Bart Simpson's Treehouse of Horror comic book series. It was released on September 2008.


30 Days of D'Oh

Murder He Wrote

In a parody of Death Note, Bart (as the role of Light Yagami) finds a notebook with a skull on the cover in the school playground, only for Jimbo to snatch it from him because the skull matches his shirt. He then proceeds to write his name in it, only to be soon found dead on a climbing frame, with apparently his skeleton missing from his corpse.

Retrieving the book, Bart discovers that several names are already written in it, such as Harry Houdini, Amelia Earhart and Buddy Holly. He then tries to write his own name in it, but is suddenly stopped by Krusty as a ghost (as the role of Ryuk). He explains that he used to own the book some time ago and wrote the names and contact details of women he'd pick up in it, only to discover later that they all died. He decided to keep the notebook in his dressing room, but to never use it again. However, he accidentally killed himself with it after tearing a page out to write an autograph for Bart, ironically. He explains that you can either just write down the name of who you want to kill and the book chooses a random death for them, or also include how they would die.

Krusty tries to tempt Bart into using it again to kill someone, only for the latter to refuse to do so, instead watching TV. He then finds out on the news that Sideshow Bob has been released from prison and announces his plans to kill Bart Simpson. In a panic, Bart writes in the book that Bob dies after being attacked by a swarm of killer bees, landing face-first in a hot dog cart's boiling water and then finally being crushed by the inconveniently-approaching Annual Steamroller Parade, which all happens live on TV. He's shocked by this really working, and Chief Wiggum reveals that a detective called "L" has contacted them claiming to know who the murderer is. Bart wonders who "L" is, only to brush away Lisa. He throws away the book intending to never use it again.

Later, Marge finds the notebook while cleaning Bart's room, deciding to use a page for a grocery list. Soon after, it's revealed that the products she wrote down killed the people they were named after. Suddenly, Flanders bursts in while on fire, wearing a dress and being bitten by a shark on the butt due to Homer also using the notebook to write "Kill Flanders Fan Fiction". Wiggum arrives to take the body away, but mentions that "L" is closing in on the murderer. Krusty tells Bart to kill Wiggum and "L" to avoid being arrested, alongside those who saw him with the notebook, being Principal Skinner, Kearney, Dolph and Milhouse. However, Marge uses the back of the grocery list to write down who to invite for Bart's upcoming birthday party.

A few seconds later, Dolph and Kearney die from a mutual double-wedgie after trying to do so with Martin Prince, a freak wind storm causes Skinner to be impaled by his own mother, and Milhouse dies from happiness after his parents annouced that they would be getting back together.

Bart finds Lisa (with a pose and expression similar to L. Lawliet) getting info on the latest murders and plans to send her findings to the police. Bart thinks that Lisa is the detective "L" threatening him, and Krusty orders Bart to kill Lisa to keep his secret safe. Out of anguish, Bart refuses and confesses to the murders. However, Lisa had no idea about this and Wiggum arrives to arrest Bart for murder. Lisa reveals that the email she was planning to send was about a counterpart notebook to the murderous one that both are a set of, with the former being able to instead bring people back to life. Bart grabs it and writes Krusty back to life. Wiggum reveals that "L" was actually his son Ralph, who only loves to help solve crimes but never gets things right and likes to be mentioned on TV, along with his alias "L" instead of "R" due to being unable to grasp the alphabet. Wiggum agrees to let Bart off with a fair warning due to this being his first offense and if he writes the recently-deceased back to life along with never using the murderous notebook again.

The next day, everyone who had died attends Bart's birthday party, although with permanent effects from their deaths like Milhouse with a frozen smile and Jimbo with his skeleton still missing. Meanwhile, Homer had killed Flanders again with a flock of penguins pecking him to death via the murderous notebook, but promises Marge that he'll use the other one to bring him back to life. However, he gets distracted by ice cream and throws it away.

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