The Simpsons Winter Wingding is a collection of Simpson Christmas Stories, similar to a comic continuation of Simpson Christmas Stories.

Off The Grid

Off The Grid is about the Simpsons when they decide to go off of the power grid because they won't (and can't) pay the bill to Mr. Burns. Homer claims that "they won't give a cent to Burns and his evil company!" even though Bart says that Homer works there. Everybody in Springfield goes off the grid, and Bart isn't happy about the new decision. He is mad at Lisa for encouraging the idea along with Homer. Later, everybody goes back to the Simpsons home with a reason they want to go back on the grid, and Lisa, wanting to see Planet On Probation, even wants to turn the power on. They turn it on, and Lisa says D'oh because Planet On Probation was set for another time.

Itchy And Scratchy In: Are We There, Yeti?

Scratchy is riding on Itchy Air. He drops his soda and runs to the bathroom. The blond haired female mouse who lets him in the bathroom releases the toilet which Scratchy is riding on. The mouse takes off the blond wig and reveals that she is Itchy, and an abominable cat picks him up and apparently mates and lives with Scratchy.

The Landfill Of Forbidden Toys

The toymakers at Krustyco hold a board meeting to share the newest toys they made. One man suggests the Krustybot which transforms into a Cadillac Escalade, which Krusty dismisses as being too 1983. Another man suggests a little Krusty action figure, which, when water is poured on it, it grows instantly to become a larger Krusty. The EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) rushes in, and tells Krusty that it has many ecological violations such as Dioxins, Chlorides, Animal Feces, Mercury, 'Likelihood of electric shock', Fire Hazards, and Acids. The EPA claimed that the lead paint they used was radioactive lead paint, and that that Krustyco toy assemblers in China violated quantity. The Krusty toys were thrown in a landfill and sealed by concrete. It snows a huge amount, and all of the kids' parents fail to get them presents. The snow melts causing the Krusty figures to grow. The landfill breaks at the force of the toys and the Krusty toys and the other violated toys rain and the kids get their toys. Bart comments "It just goes to show, Lisa, nothing ever ruins Christmas!" while the EPA helicopters hover above.

Oh, Plow, Where Art Thou?

Homer accidentally discovers his old 'Mr. Plow' jacket while searching for a month-old meatloaf in the closet. Gil is seen selling the plow to the Comic Book Guy where he admits he doesn't work there. Gil sells the plow to the Comic Book Guy for 100$. Krusty buys the plow from the Comic Book Guy for a thousand dollars, and Reverend Lovejoy thought he could melt it and sell the scrap metal to the Catholics for crucifixes. Snake steals the plow and Reverend Lovejoy's plans are ruined. Groundskeeper Willie gives Snake ten grand for the plow. Otto drives home in it, claiming he 'better get home before I forget where it is'. Chief Wiggum cites Otto for driving 90 miles an hour against traffic on top of the median strip backwards with a broken tail light in a snow plow. Ralph Wiggum, Chief Wiggum's son, drives the plow out of the impound lot while singing Ghost Eraser (a parody of Ghost Racer) and crashes into Hans Moleman's house. Hans Moleman drives to the Springfield DMV where Patty and Selma  drive home in the plow, with Ralph hiding in the back seat. Ralph gets thrown out when he asked if they were his 'mommies'. Fat Tony takes the plow from them, saying he would kill their lizard, Jub Jub. Fat Tony throws it in the ocean when the Crazy Ship Captain pulls it out, Herman buys it, and tries to get Abe Simpson to buy it, but Abe remembers how it made him so angry for plowing away his wounded friends. He blows it up with a tank. (it is revealed Herman keeps a real bullet in the tank (quote) 'as a testament to my right to bear arms'.

'Twas The Eve Before Christmas (by Homer J. Simpson)

Homer had left the presents for the kids at Moe's in the car with Abe Simpson. Santa lets him off the hook by bringing the presents. Santa and Homer share eggnog before Santa leaves. The Simpsons get a brand new flat screen TV.

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