Cultural references

  • Hit & Run, inspired by the Grand Theft Auto series, shares some similarities with the game, including the radar, and a strong focus on its driving aspect. Chief Wiggum mentions Grand Theft Auto if the player attempts to get into the police car on his side.
  • Similar to Road Rage, occasionally if the player loses a mission in one of Homer's chapters, Homer will say "This video game suh-ucks!", which is the same line Barry Badger stated when losing in Crash Tag Team Racing. All three games were also made by Radical Games.
  • The music that plays during the mission "Long Black Probes" is a remix of the theme music from the TV series "UFO".


  • This is the second most accurate video game representation of Springfield, the first being The Simpsons Road Rage
  • In the scripts folder of the game files, there are level folders going up to level 9 (although level 8's and level 9's are empty). It is unknown what levels 8 and 9 were like.
  • In the fifth level, the popsicle stick sky scraper is no longer there, it has been burnt down.
  • The Radical Entertainment logo had been changed exclusively in this game. It sounds like a wasp camera filming a ball going up and down and Snake Jailbird helps by saying "Woah, Radical!". This is the only Simpsons game to do this.

References to other episodes


Suburban level

  • There is a very big lack of road junctions.
  • In the game the trailer park is in Springfield's run down area but it is really over 100 miles away according to Homer.
  • Another distance error: you can see the world's largest toilet on top of a hill, yet it is really on a flat plain many miles from Springfield.
  • The Stonecutters hidden tunnel is hardly hidden and is not next to the highway but links with the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant instead.
  • Despite being in the 939 area of Springfield, in the game the Kwik-E-Mart is in the 636 area.
  • There is no sign of the farm house on the Tomacco field, also the power plant was right next to it when in the series Homer orders chemicals and the plant was miles away from the Tomacco fields.
  • 636 and 939 are switched.
  • Nelson's house is next to Moe's house.

Downtown level

  • Once again there is a lack of road junctions. There are more than in the previous level but for a downtown area it still doesn't have many.
  • Oddly the Springfield Mall is nowhere to be seen in this level.
  • When you select Bart's clothes the stripes in the shirt are blue and white instead of red and blue.
  • The Matlock Expressway stays in Downtown and does not appear to reach Evergreen Terrace at all.

Squidport level

  • The Android's Dungeon comic book store is on a corner but as shown many times in the show it is nowhere near a corner.
  • The only bridge out of town is no where near the Springfield Dam.
  • Kamp Krusty is far out of town.
  • The observatory and the Springfield Sign are close in the game, yet the series shows that they are on opposite sides of the town to each other, also the Springfield Sign is not anywhere near a bridge it is behind the power plant
  • The suicycle track was at Las Vegas, not at Monty Burns Casino.
  • Monty Burns casino was demolished in the series, but is intact in the game (although, in theory, the game could take place before the casino was demolished).
  • The Bowlarama is not by a slope of any kind nor is Wall E. Weasel's.
  • Yet another time there is a lack of road junctions.
  • Earl is at the top of the lighthouse but in the game it's at the bottom.
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