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The Simpsons: Hit and Run - Level 5
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This is the fourth level of The Simpsons: Hit and Run. This level has you play as Marge, and has her in Evergreen Terrace at nighttime opposed to Homer's adventure here at daytime, however, Marge is able to explore areas locked off that Homer couldn't visit, such as Mr. Burn's Mansion.


The Cola Wars

Marge disguises herself as an officer so she can legally collect Buzz Cola cans after discovering that the popular drink is messing with the population of Springfield according to Bart, who's memory is back, she then talks to Apu and orders him to stop selling the cola and to dump it off.

From Outer Space

In order to rid the neighbourhood of the Buzz Cola once and for all, Marge resolves to destroy the cola distributor trucks, but after getting back Wiggum chases her, after losing the fuzz Marge ends the level by going home.

Bonus Mission

The Bonus Mission is for Comic Book Guy.

Beached Love

Comic Book Guy sends Marge to collect intercepted love gifts to Agnes Skinner to make her feel better. Marge collected them, and receives Comic Book Guy's Car.

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