The Simpsons: Hit and Run - Level 4
Level 5
The Simpsons: Hit and Run - Level 6
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This is the fifth level of The Simpsons Hit and Run.


Incriminating Caffiene

Apu feels ashamed that he was selling Buzz Cola, so he travels to the train station to follow the Cola Truck and collect all of the Cola boxes that fall out of it. The truck leads him to the Mafia HQ.

And Baby makes Eight

Apu talks to Louie to get info from him.  But Louie threatens Apu, which reminds him that he needs to pick up the octuplets at the Hospital. On the way there, he must escape two Mobster's Limo's.

Eight is Too Many

The octuplets are about to poop all over Hiberts office as they have no clean diapers, so Apu needs to knock some diapers out of the Shelbyville Nonuplets vehicle, who has bought the last supply.

NOTES: The Shelbyville Van is not obtainable in game, and the player needs the Car Built for Homer to start the mission.

This Little Piggy

Apu thinks that only a criminal who knows the inside information can tell him about the Cola. So, he follows the trail of donuts to Chief Wiggum, who has located a criminal: Snake.

Never Trust a Snake

Snake tries to mug Apu, but he ignores this and asks for information. Snake says that he only will if he does his community service for him: collecting garbage and we give him a file, after Apu cleans the garbage, Apu finds that the folder is empty.

Kwik Cash

After Apu finds he was mugged he tells Snake to give him info. Snake tells him he must do one more thing: destroy an Armoured Truck. The truck is at the Googleplex, but before he gets there, he must escape Wiggum. After destroying the truck, and getting rid of Wiggum, they go to the Mafia, where Snake says it is coming from the Museum.

Curious Curator

Apu tells the story to Bart, and they both have to go to the museum. However, it is closed, and they must destroy the Curator's car to get the keys. They go in, but they are chased by a Cola Meteor controlled fossil. Bart trips on the wire, destroying the fossil. They find the aliens, Kang and Kodos, who are behind it, and are going to distribute laser guns to the cola-mad citizens, who will destoy themselves, and give ratings to their television program - Foolish Earthlings

Bonus Mission

The Bonus Mission is for Professor Frink

Kinky Frinky

Professor Frink has lost control of his Hover Car, so Apu must destroy it before the police bring Frink in for illegal experiments. Apu receives the Hover Car.

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