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*[[Nick Riviera]]
*[[Nick Riviera]]
==Hibbert Family==
===Hibbert Family===
*[[Julius Hibbert]]
*[[Julius Hibbert]]
*[[Chester Dupree]]
*[[Chester Dupree]]

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The Simpsons "Tapped Out" -- Intro

The Simpsons "Tapped Out" -- Intro

The introduction for the game.

The Simpsons: Tapped Out is a mobile app from EA that is available for iOS[1] and Android[2] devices. It features characters, buildings, and other significant elements of the series. More information on the game can be found on its Wiki at The Simpsons: Tapped Out Wiki.


The app was first released for iOS in the US on March 1, 2012 and in the UK on 29 February 2012. Due to server errors, the game was removed from the App Store in April and disabled in June. In August 2012, the app was re-released.

The Android version became available on Google Play in February 2013.[3]

In October 2012 the app got a Halloween update based on Treehouse of Horror. In November 2012 the app received a Thanksgiving update. In December, the app received a Christmas update in which the Springfield landscape was covered in snow. In February 2013, the app received a Valentine's Day update in which players received "hearts" from friends and using them to purchase limited-time Valentine's decorations, including the I Choo Choo Chose You Train. In March 2013, the app got a St. Patrick's update, and all the water in Springfield has turned green.


While working at the power plant, Homer plays a game on his MyPad, which is similar to Tapped Out but with the Happy Little Elves. The game distracts him, causing a nuclear meltdown that blows up Springfield. The object of the game is to rebuild,decorate and find the citizens of Springfield

The game starts with Homer Simpson playing a farm game on his myPad, and spends $1000 on berries. Meanwhile, the are red lights flashing, but Homer doesn't notice. Then, in the background, there is a fire. Eventually, he looks up from his myPad and says "Uh Oh." just before Springfield explodes. Then, he wakes up to find Springfield completely empty. He then builds the simpson house, which makes Lisa Simpson appear. They then have a conversation about what happened. Then, Professor Frink appears and tells Homer and Lisa that the explosion made inter-dimensional travelling to other Springfields possible. Then, Homer and Lisa return to normal Springfield and start to clean things up. Homer thinks that since sometimes people appear when he makes buildings, that if he keeps making them, everyone will return to Springfield, thus setting the goal to make houses and unlock more characters for your Springfield.


The Simpsons

Churchy Joes


School Workers

Civil Servants

Business Owners

C-List Celebrities



Squeaky-voiced Teens & Molemen



Treehouse of Horror XXIII

Wise Guys



Animals and Pets


Hibbert Family

Plant Workers


Whacking Day


Boardwalk Performers

4th July 2013

Krustyland Mascots

Bouvier Family

More Oddballs

Treehouse of Horror XXIV



Van Houtens

More Business Owners

Holiday 2013

Legal Eagles

Spuckler Brood

Apu's Family


More Animals and Pets

Easter 2014

Even More Oddballs

Flanders Family

Exotic Animals and Pets

Unplayable characters

More School Workers

Krusty's Family



  • All-American Apu



  • Kamp Bart


  • Gorgeous Grampa



  • Gymnastic Lisa
  • Sacagawea Lisa
  • Cool Lisa


  • Witch Marge


  • Respectable Moe

Mr. Burns



  • Bare Chested Willie




  • Simpsons' House: Pays 3 dollars, 12 XP every 45 seconds.
  • Kwik-E-mart: pays 5 dollars, 13 XP every 3 minutes.
  • Flanders' house: pays 10 dollars, 16 XP every 10 minutes.
  • Brown house: pays 6 dollars, 17 XP every 5 minutes.
  • Purple house: pays 75 dollars, 77 XP every 3 hours.
  • Pink house: pays 110 dollars, 117 XP every 6 hours.
  • Van houten house: pays 35 dollars, 47 XP every 60 minutes.
  • Blue house: pays 150 dollars, 137 XP every 8 hours.
  • White house: pays 200 dollars, 207 XP every 12 hours.
  • Springfield cemetery: pays 175 dollars, 177 XP every 10 hours. (10 zombies in the Halloween event.)
  • Pet cemetery: pays 175 dollars, 17 XP every 20 hours. (10 zombies in the Halloween event.)
  • Krusty burger: pays 15 dollars, 1 XP every 40 minutes.
  • Gulp'N'blow: pays 100 dollars, 8 XP every 1 hours.
  • Super collider: pays 150 dollars, 13 XP every 6 hours.
  • Bad dream house: pays 120 dollars, 200 XP every 6 hours.(3 treats in the Halloween event.)
  • House of evil: pays 135 dollars, 15 XP every 12 hours. (3 treats in the Halloween event.)
  • Groundskepper willies shack: pays 110 dollars, 14 XP every 6 hours.
  • Volcano lair: pays 500 dollars, 50 XP every 24 hours.
  • Springfield library: pays 200 dollars, 20 XP every 16 hours.
  • Cooling towers: obedience rating increase.
  • Reactor core: obedience rating increase.
  • Control tower: obedience rating increase.
  • Springfield elementary: obedience rating increase.
  • Barts tree house: vanity increase.
  • Aztec theatre: pays 200 dollars, 20 XP every 8 hours.


For more information on jobs, decorations, buildings, and more, click here at Simpsons Tapped Out Wiki.

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