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The Simpsons began in 1987 with "The Tracey Ullman Show", as a small skit between the show and the commercials. There were many changes throughout the years...


During these years, the Simpsons began to rise in popularity. Many years went by, and the Simpsons just grew and grew. They were on everyday products like beach towels, board games, video game covers, magazines, even candy!  But, the Simpsons you see now is very different from these six years. During that time, The Simpsons had different personalities. Homer was angrier, and more stern and had a much deeper voice. Bart was more wimpy, and not much of a daredevil. (Except in the episode, "Bart the Daredevil".) Lisa hasn't really changed except she and Bart used to fight less. Marge's voice was more scratchy back then, and is now more careless. Maggie...well...there's not much of a change to her other than her clothing color changes. (From white, to purple, to blue.) There are many episodes that show these, like, "Simpsons Roasting on an Open Fire", "The Telltale Head", and, "Some Enchanted Evening", particularly in "The Telltale Head". Homer's voice became higher around, "Life on the Fast Lane". Marge's voice did not change for much until around mid  Season 2 .

The Simpsons has changed now, and the next section will say why.


So, now that we're out of the, "old school" Simpsons, it's time to take a step forward to the advanced Simpsons.

Around early to mid 1993, The Simpsons went through a huge change. Homer became dumber, and more careless. Like in "Stealing First Base", with Homer and the GPS. Bart warned Homer they were about to turn into a construction site but Homer does not listen, and continues to drive. Bart became more fearless and strong, like in, "Kamp Krusty". Even in, "The Simpsons Movie", Bart laughed as he fell off the roof and hung by the gutters. Lisa and Bart began fighting less in "Lisa the Beauty Queen", when she joined that Little Miss Springfield pageant. She and Bart still fought, but not as often. Marge's voice began to change in Season 2, like in the episode, "Simpson and Delilah". Maggie's change began in mid Season 1 around the, "The Telltale Head" period. Let's not forget the rest of the Simpson characters as well. Apu was more stern, but quickly changed in, "Krusty Gets Busted", when he says, "Okay, okay. I know the procedure for armed robbery. I have been robbed many, many times." And Krusty himself changed and from Season 1 on, "The Telltale Head", his voice was much different, and very deep.

Around this time is when the Sideshow Bob began to appear in the show more frequently. His last two crimes, framing Krusty, and attempting to murder Selma, both failed miserably, so he attempted again with his first serious Bart Simpson crime. He tried to kill Bart in the episode, "Cape Feare". The Simpsons had to move away from Springfield in fear of Bob trying to kill Bart. He was mainly focused on Bart until he went at it again and tried to kill both Bart and Krusty in a kamokazie mission. And in "The Bob Next Door", Bob actually moves next to the Simpsons!

Finally, Itchy and Scratchy. Back then, the two cat and mouse characters weren't as popular as, "The Happy Little Elves", but that quickly changed in Season 4. The four episodes they were a big part of were, "The Front", "Itchy & Scratchy Land, "The Day the Violence Died", and, "Itchy & Scratchy: The Movie". Now, they're not used as much, but their last appearance so far was in "Bartless"