Sideshow Bob's Last Gleaming
The Simpsons 138th Episode Spectacular
Marge Be Not Proud


  • At least for the animated parts, this is the second episode to be digitally colored.
  • The deleted "Robot Richard Simmons" scene was taken out of "Burns' Heir" because it didn't receive any laughs from the crew. However, when it was shown to fans at David Silverman's college shows and other events, it received a huge amount of laughter.
  • This is the first time Matt Groening's last name was ever pronounced on the show. At many times, fans pronounced "Groening" as how it looks which also occurred during The Simpsons Game.
  • This is the only Simpsons clip show episode that doesn't have the family sitting around and remembering past events. Instead, the episode is set up like a TV show retrospective.
  • The clip of "Grampa vs. Sexual Inadequacy" during the end credits depicts an alternate version of the "Don't turn on the light!" scene where Homer and Marge aren't underneath the bed covers:

Grampa vs. Sexual Inadequacy


The Simpsons 138th Episode Spectacular

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