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The Simpsons Bowling is a 3-D trackball arcade game, which features characters from The Simpsons. This game was published and developed by Konami, and released in October 16, 2000.

The opening for the game features the inside of Sector 7G of the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant with a sign on Homer's chair saying "Gone Bowling" as alarms are blaring warning of a core breach.


The game featured nine bowlers; Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa (later revealed to be Kang in disguise), Mr. Burns, Apu, Krusty the Klown, Groundskeeper Willie, and Abe (Grandpa) Simpson. Each bowler had different strengths and weaknesses. Mr. Burns' specialty was throw a ball with a good hook, Willie has the most power and shared the best accuracy with Homer. Abe has his stats nearly perfect.


The game has nine ending cinematic, each depending on the character used for a full game. The endings may slightly vary to include gold coins and moneybags in the background:

Apu - Apu does a celebratory dance over getting the trophy, only for Mr. Burns to drop down while tied to a rope and hold Apu up at gunpoint demanding for his trophy. Burns then escapes while grabbing the trophy, leaving Apu dejected.

Krusty - Krusty picks up a trophy, which then has a jack in the box spring pop up from the trophy cup. Krusty then kicks it away, only to clutch his chest and fall over as if having a heart attack.

Homer - Homer celebrates by taunting his audience and shaking his butt at them, and then dodging a thrown can from a disgruntled audience member off-screen and striking a pose before being knocked out by the trophy being thrown at him.

Mr. Burns - Mr. Burns attempts to lift the trophy, but due to his obviously lacking in physical strength barely manages to move it an inch. Maggie then pops up and offers Mr. Burns a lollipop, startling Burns into falling over and proceeding to beg for mercy before Maggie throws her lollipop at Mr. Burns' head, knocking him out.

Lisa - Lisa proceeds to chuckle evilly before proceeding to transform into a Rigellian and grab the trophy while taunting "her" audience.

Marge - Marge picks up the trophy and proceeds to inspect it.

Bart - Bart tilts the trophy to look inside, only to look disappointed.

Groundskeeper Willie - Briefly strikes a pose with the trophy, only to ultimately decide to use it as a washbucket and then mop as usual.

Abe Simpson - Abe proceeds to pose, only for his fake teeth to fall out.

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