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*Oh, God, I hate daylight!
*God, I hate daylight!
*Have you seen [[Sam]]? I think he just inherited a million dollars!
*Have you seen [[Sam]]? He just inherited ten million dollars!
*Someone was sitting on my stool once. I just wandered around all night.
*That Sam think's he's so smart with his cap.
*That Sam think's he's so smart with his cap.
*Lenny doesn't like other people talking to Carl. It s not a healthy relationship.
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*Springfield rules!
*Springfield rules!
*Springfield sucks!
*Springfield sucks!

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All the quotes of characters in the Springfield hub of The Simpsons Game, not including levels.


Luigi Risotto

  • The Sea Captain, he said my baked ziti was sub-par!
  • Mama mia, am I ever a stereotype! My last name is Risotto!
  • Atsa spicy meatball!
  • Sometimes I wish my hair is spaghetti.
  • (angry) You smell like a rotten pepperoni!
  • (bumped) Atsa okay.
  • (joining Marge's mob) You need an Italian in your mob!

Waylon Smithers, Jr.

  • I think Mr. Burns has an enchanting musk.
  • I'm allergic to bee stings. They cause me to, um, die.
  • (to Marge) What's your career this week, Marge?
  • (to Homer) Homer, I don't know how you're still employed.
  • (to Bart) I wouldn't count on any inheritance, kid.
  • (angry) You aren't old, bony, and evil enough to talk to.

Patty Bouvier

  • Two years seems too long for a cell phone plan.
  • I don't think the science is in on (coughing) smoking.
  • I just think the female form is more attractive. I mean look at me!
  • In general I'm a lesbian, but for MacGyver, I'm as straight as an arrow!
  • (to Marge) I thought I was the most magnetic personality in the family!
  • (to Homer) Is that wet swamp monster I smell? Oh, hi, Homer.


  • God, I hate daylight!
  • Have you seen Sam? He just inherited ten million dollars!
  • Someone was sitting on my stool once. I just wandered around all night.
  • That Sam think's he's so smart with his cap.
  • Lenny doesn't like other people talking to Carl. It s not a healthy relationship.


  • Terri's my twin!
  • For Halloween, maybe I won't put a bow in my hair!
  • Have Terri's jump-roping skills eroded? No comment...


  • Sherri's my twin!
  • (angry) Sorry, I have enough friends.
  • (to Lisa) Beating up dolphins won't get you a husband, Lisa.

Ralph Wiggum

  • Ice cream tastes like melting.
  • (to Bart) Hey, Bart, the leprachaun told me to burn things!
  • (to Lisa) You ruined the video game and I ruined my pants!

Rich Texan

  • There's no room in this country for seatbelt-wearing cowards!
  • Homer and I are a lot alike. We're both from Connecticut.
  • (when injured) You gave this cowboy the blues!
  • (during the Rigellian invasion) I wonder if they have oil on their planet.

Ned Flanders

  • (to Bart) Hey Bart, stay away from Rod and Todd!

Rod Flanders

  • (during the Rigellian invasion) Those aliens have a big confession to make.
  • Jesus potty-trained the dinosaurs.

Todd Flanders

  • Bringing in the sheaves! Bringing in the sheaves!
  • (to Bart) Bart, you're a mortal sin!
  • Lies make baby Jesus cry!
  • (upon joining mob) Apostles were kinda a mob!


  • God, I love justice.


  • (to Homer) Jesus Homer, buy some new pants.
  • I like pointing my gun sideways. It looks cool.

Clancy Wiggum

  • I like listening to the police scanner at home, but it annoys me at work.
  • (during the Rigellian invasion) The world is ending! I'm going to eat all the caramel I can!

Abraham Simpson

  • Has anyone seen my teeth? Slippery little devils.
  • Not all old people are crazy sex-maniacs!
  • In my day, we didn't have pacifiers! We had to suck on pieces of wood!
  • (to Homer) You and me are a lot alike. You liberated the museum, I liberated France!
  • (to Bart) How's my gutsy litty daredevil of a grandson?

Sarah Wiggum

  • Clancy!

Martin Prince Sr.

  • Martin's a smart nerd, not like that dork Milhouse.

Martin Prince

  • (angry) You sir are a disgrace to the nerd community.

Timothy Lovejoy

  • I could go for a club sandwich right now with a taaaaaaaaaaaaall glass of milk.
  • (during the Rigellian invasion) The world is ending and you were like "Noooooooooo".

Disco Stu

  • Disco Stu likes disco music.
  • (during the Rigellian invasion) Disco Stu is gonna go narc on the aliens.

Jimbo Jones

  • I'd rather be shoplifting.
  • I don't respect my elders.
  • (during the Rigellian invasion) Those aliens stole my idea - they are gonna loot the mall.

Nelson Muntz

  • (to Bart) Smell ya later, Simpson.
  • Why is my brain so dumb at schoolbook reading?!
  • When I grow up, I want to be the world's dumbest astronaut.
  • My mom brings me free buffalo wings from the club every night!

Squeaky-Voiced Teen

  • Welcome to Krusty Burger, can I take your order?
  • (during the Rigellian invasion) So I am old enough to get probed by the aliens, but not old enough to have a drink?

Milhouse Van Houten

  • I'm not a nerd. Nerds are smart.

Uter Zorker

  • Do not make me run! I am full of chocolate!

Comic Book Guy

  • (to Homer) Well, if it isn't the voice of Poochie!
  • I'm only known as Comic Book Guy, my real name is Jeff Albertson.


  • The wire in my suit's itching like I got fleas!

Moe Szyslak

  • (during the Rigellian invasion) Before I die, I wanna be king of the corpses. Yay!

Joe Quimby

  • Can I count on your vote?!

Manjula Nahasapeemapetilon

  • (during the Rigellian invasion) I knew I should've told Apu we'd move to Utah.

Snake Jailbird

  • (during the Rigellian invasion) Those aliens don't look tough, they don't have any tattoos.

Wendell Borton

  • Oh...I think I'm gonna be sick...
  • I cannot eat sausages...
  • I cannot eat a gordita...
  • When I grow up, I wanna be a stuntman.


  • Springfield rules!
  • Springfield sucks!


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