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Donut Homer.jpg This episode is considered non-canon, and the events featured are not part of the timeline of the series' continuity.

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You know, when I first met you, I thought, "Hey, I love this guy! This is the funniest guy I've ever met! I'm gonna quote this guy to all my friends! I love his town, I love his family..." But now, I think I speak for all of us when I say, I am over the Simpsons!
Peter after Homer apologized

"The Simpsons Guy" is the first episode of the thirteenth season of Family Guy and is a crossover with The Simpsons. It aired on September 28th, 2014. This aired alongside Clown in the Dumps, and is technically a Family Guy episode.


The Griffins leave Quahog when Peter writes an offensive comic strip, only to have their car get stolen. They find themselves in the town of Springfield, where they meet and befriend the Simpson family. Stewie takes lessons in prank calls and skateboarding from Bart, Lois and Marge bond over their idiotic husbands,[1] Lisa discovers that Meg is as good at the saxophone as she is (to her chagrin)[2] and a brawl breaks out between Peter and Homer over which beer is the best – Pawtucket or Duff.[3] In addition, Brian gets intolerant of Santa's Little Helper's sloppiness[4] and Chris joins Maggie in sucking on pacifiers.[5]

Full Story

When Peter gets annoyed by an unfunny comic strip, he decides to draw his own. His art is a hit at first, but when he offends women with his strip and the Internet turns against him, he tries to clear his name on Joyce's show which backfires. Faced with an angry mob at the door, the family decides to leave Quahog until things blow over.

The Griffins in Springfield.

After driving all night, the family stops at a gas station. But while they are inside, their car gets stolen, leaving them stranded outside a town called Springfield. As Peter tries to find the police station, they stop at the Kwik-E-Mart for food where Homer Simpson introduces himself and offers to buy the Griffins donuts.

At the police station, Peter and Homer try to report the theft, but are turned away since they don't contribute to the policeman's ball. After going to the police station, the Simpsons put up the Griffins in their home until things improve (As well as they find their car). Bart Simpson shows Stewie and Brian his weapons closet (consisting of only his slingshot) and his type of mischief. Meanwhile, Lisa Simpson shows Meg her room. Peter enlists Homer for them to find his car together. Chris and Brian take the Simpsons' dog, Santa's Little Helper, for a walk, and Brian tries to teach him independence, but Santa's Little Helper runs off when freed, leading Brian and Chris on a chase through town until he gets lost in a pack of dogs intended for the menu at Krusty Burger. Bart teaches Stewie how to skateboard, until he is interrupted by being bullied by Nelson Muntz, who has bullied him for "about 24 years." Stewie plots revenge.

Later, as Homer and Peter try to figure out to find the car, their stunts keep backfiring. Lisa tries to find something Meg is good at. But when Lisa explains using her saxophone to support her feelings, she allows Meg to try it and she is a success right off the bat, although Lisa down plays her talent out of jealousy. Nelson awakes to find he has been kidnapped by Stewie who tortures him by making him literally eat his shorts. Meanwhile, Marge Simpson and Lois come back from a movie, but Lois is less then pleased with the trip. Marge notices Santa's Little Helper missing and Chris and Brian tries to fake his presence. The guys take a break but when made to go back to work on finding the car, Hans Moleman runs Peter over, having used the car as pants. The guys celebrate by going to Moe's where Peter tries to introduce Homer to Pawtucket Patriot, after being asked by Peter how it tasted, Homer says it tastes like Duff but worse. Moe then takes the bottle from Homer and rips the label off which reveals a Duff label. Blue-Haired Lawyer shows up and sues the Pawtucket Patriot brewery.

Meanwhile in court, Peter is forced to defend the brewery to save Quahog. The actions cause animosity between the towns, running into the similarities across the board. The family prepares to leave for Quahog where Peter faces the prospect of finding a new job. Brian nearly reveals he lost Santa's Little Helper until he arrives on his own. Meg shares that she cut Lisa's name into her arm so that she'll always remember her. Lisa decides to give Meg her sax, which Peter throws away since they don't have room for any more luggage. Bart and Stewie do their goodbyes, where Stewie shows Bart that he has kidnapped all of Bart's enemies. He also kidnapped Apu, who isn't Bart's enemy, but Stewie wanted to say he took 'a poo'. Bart briefly laughs at his joke but is creeped out by Stewie and says goodbye.

Homer looks sadly on the Griffins leaving and looks at the headline of the court decision, he tries to explain his actions. Peter reacts angrily and they start to fight, which causes the usual chicken-fight mayhem all through Springfield, until they crash into the nuclear power plant. As Homer fights with the Emmy Awards he won, they wreck the plant and they both fall into the reactor, giving them super powers to continue their fight. Crashing into Kodos and Kang's spaceship, they wreck it. As it crashes back to earth, they lose their powers. Landing in Springfield Gorge, their final blows nearly finish each other off until the spaceship crushes Homer, at least temporarily. Dragging himself up, he finds Peter who found out that Homer is parked behind him at his place. Peter apologizes and the two admit that they respect and admire each other. Homer and Peter then agree to keep their shows a half-hour apart, with a pile of garbage between them. Upon returning home, they find the heat from Peter's comic has died down and Pawtucket Patriot Ale is safe since the Simpsons won't come to Quahog to close it down. Stewie tries to pretend he is over Bart, but does the chalkboard gag promising not to think of Bart anymore while crying.