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The Simpsons Uncensored Family Album (ISBN 0-06-096582-7) is a book, written by Matt Groening, that mimics a family album that the Simpsons television family would have. Among the things it reveals is the birth date of Bart Simpson, as well as the family trees of the Bouvier (Marge Simpson's ancestors) and Simpson families. Despite the fact that these family trees have never been directly contradicted in the show their canonicity is still unknown.

The Simpson tree can be found on the inside of the front cover, while the Bouvier family appears on the inside of the back cover. An interesting note is that Charles Montgomery Burns is included in the Simpson tree as Grandpa's fourth cousin via marriage. Homer is descended from Scandinavians and American Indians, which was even mentioned in the episode "Little Big Girl", while Marge is descended from the French. Another interesting note is that despite Amos Graycomb and Moselle Stemple marrying and having four children together, they are in fact second cousins.

The album begins with photographs and memorabilia from the ancestors of the two families, and then progresses with baby photos of Homer and Marge, and then profiles them as they grow up and fall in love. Finally it shows photographs and memorabilia from Bart's, Lisa's and Maggie's childhoods.


Several episodes have featured Simpson or Bouvier ancestors, and they generally look like they do in the Family Album. There are notable conflicts with more recent information from the TV show, as the book was published in 1991. Homer's mother's name was revealed in future episodes as Mona Simpson, not Penelope Olsen (or Simpson). In her first televised appearance, "Penelope Olsen" is mentioned as one of her aliases while on the lam. Also, Marge's mother's name was revealed as Jacqueline Bouvier, not Ingrid Gurney (or Bouvier).

Extended family members are rarely seen in the show, other than frequent appearances of Abe, Patty and Selma, and occasional appearances of Herb and Mona.

Also, as the series progresses new family members are revealed, such as another illegitimate child (Abbie) fathered by Abe Simpson and a British woman named Edwina.

In "Much Apu About Nothing", Abe Simpson reveals his ancestors were from an English speaking country believed to be Scotland, although the authenticity of his story is questionable.

The book also states that Lisa used to have a normal hairstyle that was changed after Homer cut it. This conflicts with flashback scenes showing Lisa as a baby (with her spikes) and her as a young child.

It is worth mentioning that some characters who debuted in the album, such as Yuma Hickman, Alvarine Bisque, Hugo Simpson I, Wainwright Montgomery Burns, Winifred Running Goat, Daphne Burns, Mort Krupp, Remus Krupp and Woody Sheeden eventually appeared in episodes of later seasons, which might mean that the book can indeed be taken canonically, to an extent.

Homer and Marge's prom photos are slightly different from their depiction in "The Way We Was". Unlike the episode, both Artie Ziff and Homer are not directly facing the camera in their respective photos, and Artie is holding Marge's hand.

This book also shows that Seymour Skinner was a principal of Springfield High School when Marge was a kid, indicating that he should be older than Marge, and that he was possibly Harlan Dondelinger's predecessor.

In "The Color Yellow", it was revealed that Homer's ancestors were half-black and were descended from Virgil Simpson, the slave of Wainwright Burns. He married Mabel Simpson (with whom they had Abraham Simpson I), who was formerly the wife of Hiram Simpson and had one child with him, Eliza Simpson, who married Milford Van Houten and was Milhouse Van Houten's great-great-great-great-great-grandmother. Virgil took the name "Simpson" because he didn't had some of his own, which means that rest of the family before Virgil is related to Eliza, who is a Van Houten family ancestor. Homer is Abraham I's great-great-grandson, which means that Howland Simpson (who is also Homer's great-great-grandfather) is Abraham I, while Garwood Simpson and Clowta Stillman (Homer's great-great-great-grandparents) are replaced with Virgil and Mabel.



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