The Simpsons Winter Wingding comics are a short stories comic book series centered on Simpsons in winter, first published in the United States in 2006 by Bongo Comics. A new issue has since been published every year in November.


Issue Title Stories Release date
Simpsons Winter Wingding 1.jpg The Simpsons Winter Wingding 1 Springfield's Letters to Santa
Angry Dad (Shovels The Driveway)
Hot Cider in the City
Homer's New Year's Resolutions
The Gift of the Maccabees!
Snow Falling on Cheaters
November 2006
100px The Simpsons Winter Wingding 2 The Christmas That Lasted Forever!
For When You Need to Comp a Boarder's Lingo
Bart Simpson in: Brave Bart
Ralph vs. The Wild
Lisa Simpson in: that's SO glavin!
VSI: Valentive Scene Investigators
November 2007
100px The Simpsons Winter Wingding 3 Yes, Flanders, There is a Santa Claus
Scared Straight...To Jail
Not A (Green, Slimy) Creature Was Stirring
Hibernatin' Homer
November 2008
100px The Simpsons Winter Wingding 4 Off the Grid
Itchy & Scratchy in Are We There, Yeti?
The Landfill of Forbidden Toys
Oh, Plow, Where Art Thou?
'Twas The Eve Before Christmas (by Homer J. Simpson)
November 2009
100px The Simpsons Winter Wingding 5 One Flu Over Springfield
Freezer Burns
A Simpleton Plan
Getting There is Half the Battle
The Sno-Bliterator!
November 2010
100px The Simpsons Winter Wingding 6 ‎Guardian Snow Angel
It's Snow Game!
Grampa's Christmas Origins: Christmas Cards
The Iceman Cometh
Grampa's Christmas Origins: Christmas Carols
Billion Dollar Butt-Ski
Grampa's Christmas Origins: Christmas Cookies
There's No Such Thing as Free Shipping
November 2011
100px The Simpsons Winter Wingding 7 Kiss Me, Bart Simpson!
Grampa's Christmas Origins: Christmas Lights
Gift Exchange
Grampa's Christmas Origins: Christmas Eggnog
'Tisn't the Season
Grampa's Christmas Origins: Christmas Trees
Hole Lotta Trouble
Chest Guts Roasting
December 2012

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