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Uh, actually, I'm interested in becoming a police officer.
Marge Simpson

"The Springfield Connection" is the twenty-third episode of Season 6.


There's a new cop in town and her name is Marge Simpson. Her job is to clean up the town of its criminals. Unfortunately, not all of the criminals are on the street as Marge soon discovers.

Full Story

Homer and Marge, on the way back from a concert, pass through a seedy part of town. Homer cautions Marge, but gets enticed by Snake's Three-card Monte game. Snake cheats Homer out of $20, which outrages Marge. When she exposes the con, Snake takes off. Marge, not wanting to let a crook run and not getting any help, chases after him. Homer tries to stop her laboriously, but suddenly he feels pain, causing him to stop, lose breath and wheeze badly. Marge even runs faster than Snake. Snake, trapped in an alley, tries to attack Marge, but a panicked Marge manages to knock him out. She begins to feel that the entire misadventure has given her a sense of exhilaration.

Soon, she begins to find that her everyday routine is dull and boring. In the grocery store, she starts rolling around on her shopping cart till it crashes, exciting her more. She begins to lose interest in her previous magazines ("Sponge and Vacuum"), and checks out the Death Sports section. She decides to spice up her life by joining the Springfield Police Force (much to the amusement of Chief Wiggum and the other cops, although he agrees after a while).


Homer, however, is less than enthused about Marge being a cop, but she assures him that he will remain "man of the house." Marge reports for police recruit training. She does well in the obstacle course, pretty well in the shooting range and nails the high-speed driving test—although Wiggum asks her to replicate it, as he wasn't watching. Finally she goes home to her family, and announces herself to be part of the force.

The next day, after a breakfast of donuts and coffee (a cop's necessary sustenance), Marge reports to the station for work. Wiggum (after assigning some cops to stake out a donut place and some cops to sleep in), sends inexperienced and vulnerable Marge to Junkyville and Bumtown for her beat. During her beat, after encountering Lionel Hutz rummaging in a dumpster, she goes to the Kwik-E-Mart, where Apu tries to bribe her. She then settles a domestic disturbance in the Skinner residence, between Principal Skinner and his mother, Agnes.


On her day off, Marge orders Bart to wear safety gear when skateboarding, which gets him beaten up by the bullies. She goes to the beauty salon, where the people there are a little skittish around her (with Marge even pulling out her gun after a mistaken threat). Lisa tries to encourage her mom to "attack the roots of social problems" but fails when Marge doesn't understand what she means and changes the subject with a McGriff the Crime Dog hand puppet.

That night, Homer, Lenny, Carl, Moe and Herman are playing cards. Herman excuses himself to get some fresh air. Homer fires up a Cuban cigar, thinking that he's immune from the law because his wife is a cop. Marge comes in and finds them gambling illegally. Homer's friends beat a hasty retreat while Homer himself is a little mad at her for not being home more often.

The next day, she seems rather unenthusiastic, as everyone seems to be breaking the law—especially Homer, who has parked illegally across three handicap spaces and is buying liquor for the underage bullies. She tells him to move his car, which he refuses to do still thinking that Marge won't arrest him, leading her to write him a ticket. He gets even more aggressive, which prompts her to arrest him. Later, he is released (after eating Hans Moleman's Last Meal), but is outraged with Marge.


When he gets home, Homer finds a jean-counterfeiting operation going on in his own garage, which his friend, Herman, is involved. As Herman and his cronies are about to tune him up, Marge busts in to save the day. As she is cuffing the rest of the crooks, Herman takes Homer as a hostage and runs to the treehouse, with Marge in hot pursuit. She manages to evade getting shot, by coming in through the secret entrance. Herman tries to escape using a pair of knock-off jeans to slide down a rope. But the jeans are so lousy, they tear up and Herman falls to the ground.

Later, Wiggum informs Marge that they can't hold him for lack of evidence. Marge retorts by saying that there is a garage full of counterfeit jeans, but Wiggum says that they have "mysteriously disappeared"; the cops are wearing some right then and there. Marge angrily says there is too much corruption on the force and she turns in her badge. After a hearty laugh, Wiggum accepts her resignation.


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