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El Viaje Misterioso de Nuestro Jomer (The Mysterious Voyage of Homer)
The Springfield Files
The Twisted World of Marge Simpson

"It was an alien, Marge! It appeared in front of me and said "Don't be afraid.""
Homer Simpson

"The Springfield Files" is the tenth episode of Season 8 (originally an episode from Season 7 produced in 1996, but copyrighted in 1997).


In this tale narrated by Leonard Nimoy (last seen on season four's "Marge vs. The Monorail"), Homer sees an alien in the woods, and while everyone else writes it off as a drunken hallucination (since Homer tested "Boris Yeltsin" drunk on Moe's Breathalyzer), Agents Mulder and Scully from The X-Files come to Springfield to help Homer solve the case.

Full Story[]

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The FBI agents

Leonard Nimoy begins the episode hosting a show about alien encounters. He begins talking about an encounter in a town called Springfield.

At Moe's on Friday night, Homer drinks over ten bottles of "Red Tick Beer", a brand that is brewed with real dogs swimming in the brewing tanks. He takes a breathalyzer test which declares he is as drunk as Boris Yeltsin, and he chooses to walk home. However, Homer takes the wrong path and gets lost and disoriented in the woods. In a clearing, he sees a glowing thin-boned alien. Although the alien says, "Don't be afraid," Homer panics and runs through a corn field spelling out the word "Yahhh!"

No one in the Simpson family believes Homer's story, (because it's his birthday) and his attempts to report the alien to the police are dismissed. Agents Fox Mulder and Dana Scully of the FBI go to the Simpson residence to investigate. After no results from their psychological tests, which are closely watched by the Cigarette Smoking Man, Homer fails to provide any proof he actually did see an alien. Homer is ridiculed by most of the neighborhood, especially Lisa, but Bart says that he believes Homer. He tells Homer that the reason why he believes him is that he so 'damn' sure, much to Homer's relief. The next Friday night, they camp out in the clearing (with Ned Flanders' camping equipment) and they see the alien, Bart for the first time. The alien promises peace before Homer scares him off by screaming as he accidentally steps in their campfire. Homer is upset about missing the chance to obtain proof, until Bart tells him that he captured the entire incident on tape (with Flanders' video camera). Homer and Bart cheer as they now have evidence of the alien.


Homer looking for the alien who attacked him.

Leonard Nimoy closes his narration, ending the story with Homer and Bart having obtained proof of their alien encounter. He then says goodnight to the viewers, but the Squeaky-Voiced Teen (off-screen) reminds him that the show still has ten minutes left. Nimoy leaves anyway, running to his car and driving off. The Squeaky-Voiced Teen takes over the narrating duties.

Although Bart's tape is only three seconds long and is mostly static, only briefly showing the alien, everyone in Springfield starts to believe Homer (Lisa is still not convinced). Everyone marches to the Simpsons house and Barney asks if the alien is Santa Claus. Friday comes again and all Springfielders go to the clearing (among them Leonard Nimoy). Sure enough, the alien appears, promising love. Dr. Hibbert asks if the alien means love between a man and woman, or love between a man and his cigar. The Springfielders begin to riot until Lisa shows that the "alien" is actually Mr. Burns. Smithers states that Burns receives longevity treatments once a week to cheat death for the next seven days, and the process leaves him twisted and disoriented, and with a sweet heavenly voice (due respectively to a chiropractic treatment, anesthesia, and a throat-scraping).

Mr Burns needle
Leonard nimoy

Back to his normal self, Burns reveals that his green glow is due to many years of working in the nuclear plant, and then renounces his promises of peace and love and instead says that he brings famine and hatred. Before he can say anything else negative, Burns receives a booster shot from Dr. Nick and everyone sings "Good Morning Starshine" along with him. Marge offers an apology to Homer for not believing him and the pair reconcile. The Squeaky-Voiced Teen finishes Nimoy's show, telling the viewers to "keep watching the skies," mispronouncing it as "skis."


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