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This article is about the newspaper. For the building, see The Springfield Shopper Building.

The Springfield Shopper is the most popular and most dominant local newspaper in Springfield.


The paper was founded in 1883 by Johnny Newspaperseed, a small boy who travelled around America founding newspapers.

The Shopper merged with the Springfield Times, Post, Globe, Herald, Jewish News, and Hot Sex Weekly, becoming Springfield's biggest paper[1].

The newspaper was also bought briefly by Charles Montgomery Burns, who was on a mission to control all the media in Springfield[2], and by the The Movementarians, an evil cult who were attempting to brainwash all Springfieldians[3].


A satire of American press, the paper carries opinion, sports, food, world, arts, religion and leisure sections. It tends towards tabloid-like stories, with such headlines as 'Woman Weds Ape', 'Hippo Promoted To Detective' and 'Crazed Mom Goes Topless' (Photos Pages 3–28). The cost of the newspaper tends to vary between nothing and $1.00, with the average price being 25¢.

In Three Gays of the Condo, one of the gays whom Homer moves in with is seen reading The New York Times. Homer is surprised and asks why is he reading the NYT even though he doesn't live in New York. He replies its because all the headlines are a joke in The Springfield Shopper.

Behind the Laughter

An 8-paged Springfield Shopper has been published, written by Simpsons creator Matt Groening himself. It was found inside a newspaper as a feature to advertise The Simpsons Movie. The Springfield Shopper has been published in Springfield, IL since 1975.



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