A Totally Fun Thing That Bart Will Never Do Again
The Spy Who Learned Me
Ned 'N Edna's Blend
Homer: Now that's what I call a Snappy Retort!
Marge: Stop saying what you call things! I'm trying to watch the Movie!

Declan Desmond: One month of eating Krusty Burger and nothing else has transformed me into a morbidly obese, toilet-busting American. If I don't have some kind of nugget every five minutes, I'll die. [an IV is pumping chicken nuggets into Declan's body] I'm so weak I can't even fill out this application for documentary film Oscar. But it will be worth it if my suffering teaches Krusty the value... of proper nutrition.
Krusty: [driving by in a bulldozer, which picks up Declan] You're gonna be my breakfast English sausage! [chuckles]

Stradivarius Cain: Homer, you are going to clean up this car, put on cologne, and become a sparkling conversationalist.
Homer: Sounds like you're turning into Wife # 2.
Stradivarius: I can do that. [morphing into an overweight, unattractive woman] So, stick with Marge.
Homer cringes as Cain disappears. Meanwhile, Chief Wiggum, in his patrol car with Lou, observes Homer behaving in a weird way.
Chief Wiggum: Whoa, what's going on in there, Lou?
Lou: Well, if you ask me, Chief, uh... [starts disappearing]
Chief Wiggum: Hey, what does this mean?

Krusty: Billy, get this kid into superhero shape.
Trainer: Hugh Jackman Wolverine?
Krusty: I'm not made of money!
Trainer: Alicia Silverstone Batgirl?
Krusty: He's that already!

Marge: [in a very sarcastic tone] Busy day at work? Did you get a lot of work done, worker-man?

Nelson has just buffed up with Krusty's trainer and is back in business, beating up several nerds and even Principal Skinner.
Principal Skinner: I administer with this nose.
Bart: This is a happy ending?
Lisa: Well, he's tough on nerds, but easy on the eyes.
Bart: What did you just say?
Lisa: Nothing.

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