Chief of Hearts
The Squirt and the Whale
To Surveil With Love

Cultural References

  • The episode title is a reference to the 2005 film The Squid and the Whale.
  • In the film Whale Rider, a pod of whales wash up on shore.
  • Bart and Lisa play a Zii, which is the Simpsons version of a Wii. A Zii also appears in Moe Letter Blues.
  • While Bart is spinning the turbine manually (due to no wind), Lisa is watching House, M.D. She says that Dr. House is about to make his third incorrect diagnosis before saving the patient.
  • Chief Wiggum and the police attempt to dispose of the dead blue whale by blowing it up. The explosion scatters chunks of blubber all over the place—hitting people and cars, and making a big mess, but not having much effect on the whale. This is a reference to the "exploding whale" incident of 1970, which occurred in Florence, Oregon. The Oregon Highway Division tried to blow up a dead beached sperm whale and achieved results smilar to Wiggum's.
  • WHALES : We Helped Airlift Lisa's Enourmous Soulmate
  • The activists on the "Sea Huggers" ship may be a parody of the members of the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, several of whom appear in the television series Whale Wars. Ironically, in Whale Wars, the activists are attempting to defend the whales, while the activists aboard the "Sea Huggers" ship are defending sharks which are trying to eat whales.
  • There are two Kid Power Stands in the exhibition.
  • Bart's chalkboard gag is a reference to the controversy surrounding the 200th and 201st episodes of South Park, where the radical website IslamPolicy (formerly known as Revolution Muslim) made threats to the writers, Trey Parker and Matt Stone, for portraying the prophet Muhammad. The gag says, "South Park, We'd Stand Beside You If We Weren't So Scared."
  • William Shatner's weight gains between each movie were referenced and parodied when Comic Book Guy mentioned he was wearing a corset because he was Kirk from Star Trek TOS, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, and Generations; and Denny Crane from Boston Legal.
  • The song "La Mer" by Charles Trenet plays during the end credits.


  • As Bart and Lisa are playing the Zii, the power goes off. When the power returns, the game immediately returns to its previous state. In real life, a power failure would turn the console off altogether and would require the game to be restarted.
  • Also when the siblings are playing the Zii. The TV is colored black instead of light purple.
  • Lisa said she doesn't know how to drive, but she drove Homer's car before.
  • Whales don't have vocal chords, so they shouldn't have been able to make sounds other than their songs.

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