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  • Marge's License Plate number is EABF04, which is the production number of the episode. It is also the hex code for the color of The Simpsons.
  • The Mugger seems to be wearing a hat that resembles the Disney character, Goofy.
  • When Marge came out of the restroom there was writing on the wall that said "El Barto."
  • The scene where Marge beats up the mugger is an almost blow-by-blow recreation of the scene from The Godfather in which Sonny viciously beats his brother in law Carlo on a busy public street and leaves him unconscious under a running fire hydrant.
  • The beginning of this episode reuses old animation from "Flaming Moe's" during the "Eye on Springfield" opening. This was deliberately done, so they could save time on animation.
  • The way Homer manages to pack the stuff they bought from Rainier Wolfcastle's Bankruptcy Garage Sale in their car is a direct parody of Tetris, complete with the game's original A-Type music from the Game Boy version.
  • Before Marge picks up the jukebox to slam it into other people in Moe's Tavern it wasn't playing anything, but when she went over to it, it started playing music.
  • When the family is eating dinner at the Air Hockey table, there are no goals on the ends of the table (where Lisa and Homer are sitting), except when there's a close up on Lisa. There is no goal when there's a closeup of Homer talking about "Cheers".
  • Homer packs lots of boxes in the car, but when Marge drives the car, the boxes disappear.
  • When the lady smashed the piano saying "support the arts" her lips don't move.

    The Tetris-like Lisa and Bart (On the left), compared to the NES version of Tetris (On the right)

  • This is the fourth episode of the series (the scene where Marge starts taking steroids) that uses a music tune from Popeye. The others were "Brother's Little Helper" (when Bart sings his Ritalin song at the end), "Jaws Wired Shut" (the scene where Homer rescues Marge from disaster at the demolition derby), and "The Old Man and the Key" (when Grandpa's Viagra kicks in when he's about to make out on his date).
  • Pamela Reed returned as the voice of Ruth Powers, who last appeared ten years before in "Marge on the Lam," the "Thelma and Louise" spoof.
  • This is the series' 300th aired episode. The 100th being "Sweet Seymour Skinner's Baadasssss Song" and the 200th was "Trash of the Titans". However, the 300th episode is considered to be "Barting Over", but it's actually the 302nd episode in the production code. In the DVD commentary, it is mentioned that Carolyn Omine was sent to the 2003 Stony Awards to receive the Stony award that The Simpsons won for Best Television Series that year, as a consolation prize after the episode she wrote was not actually going to be the 300th episode.
  • When Marge drives the car you can see an air freshener. After Maggie and Marge get back in the car the air freshener goes.
  • When Moe says, "I don't got enough booze in this place to make you look good," the lip sync is way off and it appears to be dubbed.
  • Previous episodes where a Simpson increased their strength include "King of the Hill" and "Treehouse of Horror X".
  • Moe also set his bar on fire in "Dumbbell Indemnity".
  • When Sam is seen among the patrons in the bar, his cap appears unusually light blue and jacket dark blue, twice, but when Marge throws him against the wall, his cap and jacket are normal.
  • Homer says that with a stronger Marge, it is like he is "married to Shaft".
  • An agoraphobic character previously appeared in "Stark Raving Dad".
  • The segment in which the mailman suddenly can't read the Twilight Zone magazine because his glasses are broken is a direct reference to the ending of the Twilight Zone episode, "Time Enough At Last".
  • When Marge is wheeled out of the house in a football helmet, the DVD commentary states that the helmet is white/red as the artist who colored the helmet, Mark Ervin, lives in Nebraska and the helmet design is based off the one used by the University of Nebraska Cornhuskers.
  • Marge got strong enough to carry Homer’s 239 pound body.
  • In the church scene, Rod and Todd have different colored shirts and Rod's hair is brown, but when they are seen in the scene where Marge beats up the mugger, Rod and Todd are wearing their usual shirts and Rod's hair is normal.

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