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The The Szyslaks couch gag is the ninth couch gag of Season 24.


In place of the Simpson family, five Moe Szyslaks run in and sit on the couch as usual, and each of them are dressed as the family. After they sit, four of the Moes (Homer, Marge, Bart and Lisa) sing, "Theee Szyyyyyslaaaks!" in unison in the Moe voice. Afterwards, the Maggie Moe takes out his pacifier and says that the show is "Already cancelled." The Moes then frown at the announcement, and four of them walk away from the couch in sorrow while the Maggie Moe is still sitting, but in sorrow.

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  • This couch gag is similar to the Moe's couch gag from "She Used to Be My Girl", but here, five actual Moes are dressed up like the family instead of the Simpson family having Moe's head on them.
  • Four of the Moes singing, "The Szyslaks!" is a parody of the chorus singing, "Theee Siiiimpsooooons..." at the beginning of the opening sequence. Also, the Moes sing this in the usual Moe voice.

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