The Man in the Blue Flannel Pants
The Ten-Per-Cent Solution
Holidays of Future Passed

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  • Mel's bone is drawn weirdly large in the scene where he winds the jack-in-the-box. 
  • Why was Krusty's monkey sidekick just a random monkey instead of Mr. Teeny?  
  • Princess Kashmir is brown. It might not have been her, just a similar looking character.
  • In "Springfield Up", it is established that the Crazy Cat Lady is around Homer and Marge's age, however she appears here as a young woman in the mid-'60s scene where Krusty performs at the Village Id.
  • Maggie isn’t with the Simpsons when they go to the TV Museum and Krusty Burger and when they help Krusty get his job back.
  • The color of Krusty's chest varies throughout the episode- when he is seen in his bathrobe, his chest is white, like his face, but both times when he's shown sleeping with his producer, his chest is a bright yellow.
  • Krusty's red nose comes off twice in the episode, but previous episodes have suggested that his nose is not fake.

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