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The Town That Time Forgot is a Simpsons Comics story that was featured in issue 121.


Homer is late for work again and blames it on Daylight Savings Time. After being docked pay for a week, Homer leads a complaint to the Springfield Town Hall about Daylight Savings Time. Mayor Quimby then declares a new Anti-Daylight saving law. However, it is worded so that anyone can set their clocks to what minute and second they want, so Bart posts the news on his internet blog. This means that Homer lies in bed all day, Barney making Happy Hour at Moe's Tavern repeat, prevents Bart and Lisa from having to go to bed and makes the church sermon go on continuously. It has many negative effects on Springfield, with prisoners being able to wind calendar watches to the end of their sentence.

To prevent misuse, Marge decides to remove all clocks and watches, bar the one Homer is sleeping with, from the house. Things are also chaotic at Springfield Elementary School, with lessons being skipped past by the teachers. Apu and Lisa, realizing the danger of the new law, go to the Mayor's office, but Quimby cannot reverse the law due to already using his five law changes and take backs. Lisa suggests that they just turn the clock back to before the law was made. The town goes back to normal, with the story being used as a case study for Mr. Solar to show to classes.







  • Are You There God? It's Me Margaret
  • Bart's Blog
  • Big Solar Cautionary Tale
  • Infinite Christmas Crisis
  • Springfield Shopper
  • The Da Vinci Code
  • The Five People You Meet in Heaven

Sport Teams


  • Big Solar


  • Alternate Tuesday law
  • Annual Budget Report law
  • Anti-Daylight Saving law


Script - Ian Boothby

Pencils - Phil Ortiz

Inks - Mike DeCarlo

Colors - Art Villaneuva

Letters - Karen Bates

Editor - Bill Morrison


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