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The Troll Twins of Underbridge Academy is a fantasy book written by Homer, Bart, Moe, Professor Frink, Patty and Principal Skinner, with a very little help of Neil Gaiman. This book is a hit and very popular in Springfield. The book back cover author is Neil Gaiman.


When Homer heard it is an easy way to earn money when more people write the book, he decided to do so. He meets with Bart, Patty, Skinner, Moe and Professor Frink in Bookaccino's to find the best story. When some kids thought Moe is a troll, the group decided to write a story about orphan troll twins who attend a magical school under the bridge, along with elves, pixies and gargoyles. Later, Neil Gaiman joined them, but only to make drinks and food.

Once they had an idea, the group immediately started working on the book. They worked hard and long, but they eventually finished and Frink made the cover. They then visited the Springfield Book Fair and ordered their book to the TweenLit Inc. publisher. He obviously liked the book, but they needed a fake author at first. The group chose Lisa who had already attempted to write her own book, but failed.

However, when the publisher sent them an advance copy of the book, the group was pretty surprised to discover he had changed the entire story. The book was now called The Vampire Twins of Transylvania Prep and it contained vampire twins, as trolls weren't popular by readers.

The angry group successfully broke into TweenLit Inc. World Headquarters to replace the vampire story with the original story. Unfortunately, the publisher and his people were already waiting for them on the printing floor, as Lisa had revealed him their plan. The satisfied publisher told Lisa to insert the flash drive to print his vampire story. However, Lisa secretly swapped flash drivers and the troll story was printed instead, without the group or the publisher knowing it.

Next morning, the group was surprised to discover their troll story was in all bookstores and people loved it. Lisa was satisfied, too, as she is credited as the author... till she found out there is Gaiman's name on the back cover, as he had swapped flash drivers as well. His drive contained the same story, but with his name.

A theater marquee in Steal This Episode implies that Troll Twins has been adapted into a two-part movie