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My Big Fat Geek Wedding

Cultural references


  • As Marge's magnifier continues to zoom closer and closer on her face, the screen number changes from X2, X8, X100, X5000, X1000.
  • Gina is not technically Bart's girlfriend. They didn't do anything romantic with each other, never made out, never proposed, and never were very nice to each other.
  • When the prisoners are getting paired up, a juvie with a blue mohican is handcuffed with a brown haired girl. some scenes later, he is handcuffed with a black haired girl.
  • Most of the people that went to Bart's "wedding" already knew him, but nobody realized that he was too young to marry, at least in Springfield State.
  • Bart Simpson told Gina "I think girls are icky pants.", even though he had good experiences with Laura, Jessica, Terri (in Hungry, Hungry Homer), and Greta.


  • The list of objects Bart picks for his fake wedding: A coffee maker, waffle iron, tea service, fondue pot, dish towels, silverware, cheese grater, mellonballer, andirons, china figurine and chain valance.
  • The voice of Kearney appeared in two different boys when Bart was in Juvie and neither were Kearney. First a kid with blond hair in the yard, and then later in the dance hall in a bald kid.
  • Wiggum just got mauled by a bear, yet his clothes are not ripped at all, and his guts aren't spilling out, he has suffered no blood loss, and he isn't even in any pain.
  • This is the second time Chicago's "Colour my World" has been played in this show. The first was in "Homer the Moe".
  • Given Judge Harm's previous dealing with Bart and his family in "The Parent Rap" and the fact she was unsuccessful in sending him to juvenile hall for five years when she also had a grudge against Homer and Marge for destroying her houseboat, it is quite surprising that in this episode she only sentences Bart to six months in juvie.
  • The Battle of Slaughter-Loo is the third episode of Itchy and Scratchy that gets interrupted before the violent scenes. The first was Burning Down the Mouse, while the second was Good Cats, Bad Choices.
  • This is the second instance in which a screenplay is shown which is edited for viewing in an institution. In this episode the Itchy and Scratchy cartoon shown to the juvenile hall inmates has a caption "Edited for prison viewing" and has the violent scenes replaced with an alternative scene depicting piece following which a juvenile inmate remarks "They cut out all the good parts". This tactic was also deployed in the episode "The Old Man and The C Student" where the seniors at the Springfield Retirement Castle" watch a version of Gone With The Wind which is "Edited For Seniors" and has the line "Frankly my dear, I don't give a damn" replaced with the line "Frankly my dear....I love you let's remarry" following which Bart remarks "They cut out all the best words". The reactions of the audience are different as the juvenile inmates in this episode are disappointed with the edited screenplay whereas the seniors in "The Old Man and The C-Student" react more favorably to the edited version".
  • In "Marge Be Not Proud", Bart was almost sent to juvenile hall while in "The Secret War of Lisa Simpson", he was sent to a military school for punishment which Marge called a "jail for children."
  • It was rumored that the store guard from the former was originally gonna appear the instant Bart searches for a bride and catches Bart in the act as he scans the guard and was going to send Bart over to "The Springfield Juvenile Detention Center For Severe Troublemakers" rather than Springfield Juvenile Correctional Facility. But this idea was scrapped in favor of Bart getting caught by Chief Wiggum on the day of the prank wedding because the guard's voice actor passed away and that The Springfield Juvenile Detention Center For Severe Troublemakers was worse as it was kind of like a Nazi Prisioner camp. The guard however still makes appearances in The Simpsons as a background character.
  • Both this episode and the former reveal that Springfield has a juvenile hall, which make the Springfield police force appear more corrupt.
  • Gina Vendetti's surname is based on the word Vendetta, which means revenge.
  • Gina cries two times in this episode. The first time is actually her acting emotional as attempt to frame Bart to make him take the blame for their escape and second time was for real as she actually had her own problem of being an orphan.
  • This episode reveals that Cletus is pretty good in making wooden statues, even predicting what will happen to someone, like Chief Wiggum being attacked by a bear.
  • This is the only episode where Lindsey Naegle has her hair in a bun, and this is also the second episode where she has extra hair (the first episode was "Blame It on Lisa," where Lindsey Naegle had a ponytail).

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