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The War of Art
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The War of Art is the fifteenth episode of Season 25.

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Lisa wants to get a pet Guinea pig, however Marge and Homer are getting fed up with all the hinting and Lisa eventually tells them she wants her own pet before it's too late. Homer and Marge have Lisa sign a contract stating that she has to be willing to take care of the animal herself. When they go to the adoption center Lisa goes crazy about all the different ones and they end up staying over night at a motel before Lisa decides. Soon she makes a decision and adopts the one she wants. She gives the guinea pig a good home unfortunately it gets out and ends up in the walls. After the new guinea pig destroys the Simpsons' living room art, Marge falls in love with a beautiful painting at the Van Houten's yard sale, which Homer purchases for $20. Marge dislikes the frame and removes it, revealing a previously invisible signature "Johan Oldenveldt". Lisa researches Oldenveldt and discovers he is of some fame, so Homer and Marge have the painting appraised in a local auction house. The appraiser judges the painting to be valuable, and estimates it could auction for $80,000-$100,000.

Marge thinks the proceeds from the painting's sale should be shared with their friends, the Van Houtens, but Homer thinks for the Simpsons' future financial security they should keep the money for themselves. He eventually persuades Marge that the Van Houtens would dislike knowing they missed the painting's value and sold it cheaply, but Milhouse, who is in Bart's treehouse, overhears the conversation and eventually tells his parents.

When the Van Houtens publicly shame the Simpsons for their secrecy, the town divides over whether or not the Simpsons' solution was the right one, with two crowds of opinion gathering outside the auction house as the painting is brought to auction. Shortly after the bidding begins, Dawn, an ex-lover of Kirk's, whom he used to date during a prior separation from Luann, arrives and claims he took the painting from her. The auction is put on hold until the painting's ownership is determined. Kirk tells Homer he bought the painting in Isla Verde, after which Dawn dumped Kirk. Homer takes Lisa to the café from which the painting was purchased to corroborate Kirk's story and hence confirm his own ownership of it.

The café owner confirms she sold Kirk the painting. As Homer celebrates, a man in the café named Klaus Ziegler decries Homer's ignorance of art, saying, "You don't even know who painted that picture". It transpires he is the true painter, and forged Oldenveldt's style and signature so effectively the auction house was fooled. Ziegler admits he has fooled art galleries worldwide. Although Lisa objects to his practices, he ultimately convinces her the beauty of art depends only on how it moves rather than whether its authorship is honestly presented. Homer pays Klaus to draw them three new pieces of art: a family portrait for the Van Houtens, and a new boat painting for the Simpsons' living room... as well as a loud jukebox picture. But suddenly during the credits, it shows a documentary of how Strupo has affected people's lives, then cuts back to the credits.

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