The White Stripes is a two-piece band from Detroit, Michigan consisting of Jack White on vocals and guitar and Meg White on drums. They were featured as guests in the episode, Jazzy and the Pussycats.

Appearance on The Simpsons

In Jazzy and the Pussycats, Bart learns drums and in a parody of The White Stripes' video of "The Hardest Button to Button", every time Bart hits the bass drum, he "creates" a new identical drum kit next to the other drum kit, but leaves the old kit behind, therefore creating a trail of drumkits. Bart goes around Springfield, through the Springfield Elementary School with Principal Skinner chasing him in time with the music, and soon goes onto a footpath. The camera then pans around the corner to see Meg White on the drums, doing the same as Bart, and Jack next to Meg singing the lyrics to "The Hardest Button to Button". Soon they crash together and Jack tells Bart to "Watch where you're drumming." Bart says "Sorry White Stripes, no hard feelings?". Meg then says "Let's kick his ass!". They then chase Bart until they get up to a bridge with a ditch in the middle of it and a body of water underneath. Bart drums over the bridge, getting to the other side safely, but Jack and Meg do not and fall off the bridge and land onto a boat filled with rubbish. They then wave their hands in anger at Bart as drums away on the other side.

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