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Shut the fuck up, Marge.
―The Simpsons characters saying a major swear word for the first time

The Who are an English rock band. They appeared in the episode, "A Tale of Two Springfields", where they play in Springfield and destroy the wall separating "Olde Springfield" and "New Springfield". Roger Daltrey and John Entwistle voiced themselves. Pete Townshend decided not to guest star in the episode, so he was voiced by his brother Paul Townshend. In the episode, the drummer (who only appears briefly and doesn't speak) is animated to look like Keith Moon, who was the band's original drummer before his death in 1978, despite the band's drummer at the time being Ringo Starr's son, Zak Starkey.

Entwistle died aged 57 in 2002.


At times, references are made to The Who, such as Homer listing wise sayings, one of them being "Long Live Rock".


- Aside from the drummer being drawn to resemble Keith Moon, the other members of the band are drawn as they looked in the 1970s, like Roger Daltrey's long, curly hair and Pete Townshend's full head of hair and beard.

- The Simpsons usually can't get off the hook with a swear word like f--k, but FOX was just too much of a pussy to censor it out with a bleep.


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