Kill Gil, Volumes I & II
The Wife Aquatic
Revenge is a Dish Best Served Three Times
Marge: This is so exciting! Watching a movie outside with the whole town.
Jeffery Albertson: Yes, thank you for talking to one of us like we just tuned in! (his lawn chair collapses) Ooh, a fat man falls! Real original!

Kearney: This movie isn't silent! I can hear it sucking!

Carl: Hey, can you fix the sound?
Lenny: And the color?
Moe: And show it in a regular theater?

Ned Flanders: Tonight's G-rated jam is a silent film from my favorite year… yester.

(Patty and Selma are preparing to show their home movies.)
Moe: Wow, even I ain't hopin' for porn.

Fisherman: We brought them in by the boatload day and night. Then one day, they were gone.
Lisa: Maybe you just over-fished them.
Fisherman: Maybe they under-spawned.
Lisa: Maybe you killed them all!
Fisherman: Maybe the fish killed themselves!
Lisa: Maybe you should be ashamed of yourself!
Fisherman: Maybe you should marry Milhouse! (Lisa gasps) Yeah, that's right! I know about Milhouse!

Lisa: Repent! Repent! Before it's too late! (giggles) I always wanted to do that in a New England church.

Dolph: What the hell is a radish, anyway? It's like an apple did it with an onion.

Marge: Homer, that's too much sugar.
Homer: It's not sugar, it's carmel!

Marge: (about the Merry Go Round) Can I go again?
Homer: All night, baby.
(Bart and Lisa groan.)

Marge: Homer!
Lisa: Bart!
INS Man: Portuguese Fausto!
Fausto: Ay! Yi! Yi!

Carl: What's wrong, Moe?
Moe: I just got this strange feeling Homer's in trouble.
Lenny: That's weird. I just got this strange feeling some guy I don't know named Fausto is in trouble.
Moe: Come on we got to save Homer!
Lenny: And Fausto!

Sideshow Mel: I demand entertainment!

Homer: We left plenty of food so you won't starve!
Grampa: Thank you!
Homer: I was talking to the cat!

Lisa: Yuck! This is the most disgusting place we've ever gone!
Bart: What about Brazil?
Lisa: After Brazil.

Homer: Do you think your mother will ever remarry?
Bart: In about two seconds.
Homer: WHY, YOU LITTLE! (strangles Bart) JUST SEE IF I DIE!

Old Man: I say let him fish it off. These waters are so barren, by the time he pays off the debt; he'll be as old and as queer as I am.
Homer: Queer-strange or queer-gay?
Old Man: A touch of both. (laughs crazily and then makes kisses in the air to Homer)

Emily: Mr. Simpson, we'd do anything to help a stranger who claimed a vacation here 30 years ago.
Nathaniel: And to make a little meth money on the side.

Homer: Nice brush work, Emily. Nathaniel, you could learn a lot from her.

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