The Man Who Grew Too Much
The Winter of His Content
The War of Art
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Nelson Muntz: Simpson, I won't forget this. From now on, you and I are as tight as whiteys.

Dolph Starbeam: I'm gonna kiss the ground.
Kearney Zzyzwicz: Loser, you're gay for the ground.
Dolph: Well, you're gay for homophobia!
Kearney: Wow, you just made me gay for tolerance!

Homer: Honey, Grandpa is the closet thing I have to a father and I love him, but three octogenocerauses?!?

Homer: My lifestyle is my retirement plan.

Homer: If it's important, they'll call back.
Lisa: Mom! Dad! The retirement castle lost its license, and Grampa has nowhere to live!
Homer and Marge: (simultaneously) D'oh!

Lou: Uh, Chief, something about that looks fishy.
Chief Wiggum: You got a suspicious mind, Lou. You remind me of that Elvis song, uh, Clambake. You know, 'cause when you open your yap things get hot. Clambake!

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